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I feel I have done a great job cultivating this throughout my 11 years of teaching.  I enforce the rules and have high expectations for my students.  I don’t play favorites.  Students that don’t adhere to my set standards, see me as a bitch ( sorry for the curse, but that’s the word they have used). Students that do adhere see me as the “velvef covered brick” from the Habitudes lessons....although they prefer brick covered velvet.  If they do what is expected, it will be easier and more fun and I’ll be there for them.  



As I’ve stated before, I knew I wanted to be a teacher, but flip flopped about the subject.  Ultimately, I went to college for Ag Education, even earned a Masters in it.  However, I am also certified in Speech, Theatre, Jounalism, and Art.  At our school, Speech is a required local credit for graduation and students can take the course with me and if double counts as an elective credit and counts if they want FFA membership.  Students either take my course or take it dual credit at a local community college.  I have 3 full classes of Speech.  Floral design also counts as both an Art credit and an Ag credit.  The only art options we have are Floral Design, Band, Art and Theatre.  I have 2 courses of Floral Design.  I was given an Ag Business class a few years ago to fulfill a graduation pathway, so one class of that.  This coming school year there are a lot of changes given budgets and funding.  I will be the new Yearbook sponsor and have one class of that.  I gave up being an FFA sponsor for this position and am really excited about it.  


Class culture

I want students to understand they have a safe place in my room and that I have behavioral expectations that will transLate to what they do later in life.  When I’ve been rudely confronted by students in class or have students that turn in a blank assignment and then complain about a zero or going to the office, I always relate it to any job they may hold.  If you talk to a supervisor that way, youre fired and it will follow you in subsequent refeFence checks.  Or that if you don’t do the work, you don’t get the paycheck. Some kids understand and follow, some think rules are made to be broken and authority is meant to be challenged. 



I feel the above 3 items easily explain my views and enforcement of discipline.


Class size

I have had classes as small as 3 and as large as 30. They all have different needs and challenges, but they all have the same outcome. 




I have a very fixed mindset and it seems to be allowing both myself and my students to be successful. 



Create a more successful and lucrative yearbook.

build a strong yearbook team of students that are more engaged

continue incorporating new forms of assessment and instruction to fit my students needs and interests