Veterinary Pet Care - Nutrition & Grooming Units

Version 2

    Included are documents from my Veterinary Pet Care course, a semester class on techniques, topics, and issues primarily centered around careers as Veterinary Technicians.  Topics included in the full course include issues pertaining to pet ownership, assessing the physical health of a pet, bandaging, sutures and stitches, emergency responses (poisoning, shock, car accidents, etc.), nutrition, and grooming.


    Each unit generally consists of the following: PowerPoint notes, Word notesheet that accompanies the PowerPoint and provides guided note-taking, Unit Organizers which summarize the lessons, lab protocols, and applications (techniques, etc.).


    Each course begins with an introductory activity or discussion on Monday, PowerPoint notes on Tuesday, Lab activity on Wednesday, Review and Quiz on Thursday, and Career Preparation (resumes, cover letters, job interviews, college applications, etc.) on Friday