PAAE Summer Conf Manure Management Plan WS Materials

Version 6

    Attached are some of the document files and webs links below that were distributed at the 2017 PAAE Manure Management Plan (MMP) teacher workshop.

    Additional files will be added as they become available. Please share what you have developed in your ag programs!


    Watch for details for the Manure Management Plan workshop to be held at the 2018 PAAE workshop at Dover HS.

    MMP " Teacher Tool Boxes" will be provided to teachers at this workshop through support of the DEP Environment Education grant.

    Plans are underway for the DEP Grant MMP  lessons for ag teachers to be posted on the Center for Dairy Excellence Dairy Leaders of Tomorrow website


    Deb Seibert, Manheim Central HS Ag Program


    Speaker:  Kevin Seibert,  Lancaster County Conservation District


    Web Links:

    Speaker links-Lancaster County Conservation District MMP resources:  Nutrient Management | Lancaster County Conservation District

    -manure value charts with Excel calculator


    PA DEP MMP Overview: Overview of DEP's Manure Management Manual — Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program — Penn State Extension


    PSU MMP Resources:  Materials for Writing Your Manure Management Plan — Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program — Penn State Extension


    Nutrient Management Certification Program Specialist Certification — Pennsylvania Nutrient Management Program — Penn State Extension


    Farm MappingWelcome to PaOneStop


    AET: Agricultural Experience Tracker (AET)

    PA SAE  record keeping site where completed MMP should be uploaded (scanned pdf)  in student's SAE portfolio

    Every student could have a SAE in MMP even if they do not have any livestock-make industry connections, relate to STEM course work, environmental stewardship


    Slide Share-Nutrient Cycle:  NUTRIENT CYCLE. - udaykumar


    University of Vermont Resources:

    Vermont Crops and Soils : University of Vermont

    GoCrop:  App for manure record keeping  About goCrop | goCrop

    On line Nutrient management course for possible hybrid classrooms:  A Nutrient Management Training Course for Farmers: A Vermont Case Study - eXtension