Teach Ag Intern Blog - Differences are a Good Thing

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    Whether it’s traveling for a vacation or moving for an internship, it’s easy to notice unique qualities within each city and state. Having had opportunities to travel in the past, I knew moving to Kentucky for the summer would include a learning curve to become familiar with the area; and I was right. 

    I quickly learned how different the road system is in Lexington.  Between one ways, roads not running in cardinal directions, and roads where lanes of traffic change direction depending on the time of day. Navigating a trip to the grocery store hasn’t been easy.  Along with the roads, the landscape contains many deeper hills and valleys filled with beautiful trees.  More than back home in Iowa.  Even fast food restaurants and grocery stores are different.  I’m a big fan of Kentucky favorite, Raising Cane’s and Kroger. Unfortunately, not household names in Iowa

    The differences continued this week as I gathered some information on states that have received STAR Grants through the National Teach Ag Campaign.  As I looked for the official name of each state’s agricultural educators association and how their state FFA associations are listed, I wasn’t too surprised to find a wide variety.  Through conversations with friends from across the country, I knew differences existed. Even though we do things differently, I always love hearing what makes a state unique and how they best serve their own.

    Whether it’s parts of a city or state that make it special, or unique programs and opportunities that exist throughout agricultural education, differences are a good thing.  I’m grateful to be a part of a community where this diversity is embraced. Even though we may not do the same things, we are all driven and passionate about the same thing: agricultural education and what it does for its students. That in itself is powerful.