Univ. of Wisconsin Credit by Exam - Animal Science 101

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    In 2016, the University of Wisconsin approved a credit-by-exam college course option for high school students for their Animal Science 101 course. Students who have been admitted to the University of Wisconsin - Madison are eligible to take a placement test prior to matriculation. With a passing score, students are able to receive course credit for Animal Science 101 and begin higher level courses in the major as an incoming freshman. The placement exam is based on the Large Animal Veterinary Science course that was written in conjunction between the faculty of Waterford Union High School and the Animal Sciences Department at UW-Madison.


    The curriculum is freely available any instructor. Instructors may make modifications if they choose; however, the placement exam is based solely on the content in the files below. The course was designed to be taught over a semester; however, due to the depth and breadth of the material, this course could be stretched to fill an entire year, especially if additional content was included (e.g. there is room to add material on horses and exotic animals, which are not specifically addressed in this course as it is currently written). The content is very rigorous and is intended for high school seniors with strong academic abilities.


    The course is meant to be paired with SAE experiences with production animals. Hands-on career experience with live animals is a high priority for students who intend to pursue this option. Students who do not gain in-person experiences with production animals are not expected to be fully prepared for upper-level animal science coursework at the collegiate level, and so SAE experiences with live animals outside of course time is a necessity.


    The links below lead to the course outline and the course files (notes, worksheets, labs, and assessments).


    2016 Large Animal Vet Science.zip

    2016 Large Animal Vet Sci II.zip


    Questions can be forwarded to:

    Craig Kohn: kohncrai@msu.edu

    Dan Schaefer: schaeferd@ansci.wisc.edu