Vet Science Safety/Sanitation Identification

Document created by Carlie Bossard on Sep 21, 2016
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Hi everyone, I did this with my small animal science class yesterday and they loved it. I set my room up as the "Whitman Vet Clinic" and they had to go around and identify hazard/safety violations in my room. I had a surgery room (area), a radiology lab (storeroom), kennel area (greenhouse), exam room (area) and medicine cabinet. I had stuffed animals out and labels for the different areas. They had to figure out what was wrong based on what we have been learning in class (I use the Cornell Vet Science curriculum). Attached are my "labels" and the directions, and on the last page I put some of the scenarios I used, but kids found others that I didn't realize I created!


Any questions let me know.