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Document created by Carlie Bossard on Dec 11, 2015
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So I did this activity with my Natural Resources class today and they loved it. They went on a 'scavenger hunt' using the coordinates/directions on the sheet and they had to use a compass to get to those positions. At each spot they received some type prize (like a pencil, candy etc). They had to write down where each direction took them (otherwise they could just find the prize or follow people). I did a quick lesson about how to use a compass (use this video:  Compass 101 - How to Use a Baseplate Compass - YouTube it explains how to use a compass really well, it's how I learned before I went and made my directions).


Students will need to know their pace, we learned how to calculate pace when we used Biltmore sticks, but you can make a day of pacing and how to read the compass then send them off the next day.


It was interesting to see that students who normally get things very quickly had a more difficult time than students who usually struggle. I had many of my 'lower' students find 8 of the 9 spots in 30 minutes compared to 4-5 of my 'higher level' students.


I attached my outline, but of course yours will be different.


Any questions let me know!