Determining Slope

Document created by Lindy Holt on Nov 10, 2009
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For our soils unit, we spend a day outside determine slope of a site.  This is a very rudimentary activity, but it is outside and uses math.  I bought a pack of surveyor's flags and wrote on them the distance between them (not actual) and the elevation of each above sea level (again, not actual elevation).  I use really basic numbers so it is not confusing while trying to understand the concept.  I place these flags out on the practice football field right outside my door using the hill to mimic slope.  They use the formula rise/run=slope or "rise over run".  Rise is the change in elevation and run is the distance between the flags.  I spread out the flags so the students can't look at each others work and they have to rotate in a circle.  I have kept the same flags for several years and pull them out on a nice day during the soils unit.  I have included a worksheet with the numbers I use (with answers!) and a couple pictures.  Not an original idea of mine, I stole it from a "veteran".