George Washington Carver Milk Jug Hydroponics-- 2009 Region V Ideas Unlimited Award Winner

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Weaver currently teaches at David Hinson Middle school in Daytona Beach, Fla. She challenges students by introducing inquiry based learning, a style of teaching where the students ask the questions. Using an activity called the George Washington Carver Milk Jug Hydrponics Challenge, she teaches students about the alternative plant propagation techniques.


"My job is to guide students toward the answers to their questions by asking them questions, rather than giving them the answers," said Weaver.


She starts by renewing student's knowledge of early agricultural inventions and the work of George Washington Carver. Students work in groups with the materials provided to build a soil-less radish growth unit. They are expected to complete a lab record sheet, documentating their thoughts, questions, predictions, conclusions, and recommendations during the seven day project. Upon completion of the class graphs the results and discusses the activity.


"This kind of activity gives teachers the opportunity to stretch their wings to faciliate student learning through the development of information processing and problem solving skills," said Weaver.


For more information about the George Washington Carver Milk Jug Hydroponics, check out the PDF file posted below.