Pixie Stick AI lesson -- 2008 Region IV Ideas Unlimited Award Winner

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Mark Lemmon
Clark County High School
Kohoka, Missouri


     In an effort to teach students about artificial insemination, Lemmon developed a hands-on lesson plan utilizing Pixie Stick candy.  During the lesson, students learn how to properly thaw semen and to load the straw in an artificial insemination gun.  Using Pixie Sticks is more cost effective and is fun for the students because they have the opportunity to eat the candy after they complete the activity.


The lesson starts with an overview of all tools used in the semen-thawing thawing process and a discussion of the correct methods and temperatures.  Next, Lemmon demonstrates how to thaw the semen straw and load it into an artificial insemination gun.  Students then master the skill by pulling frozen pixie sticks from a tank, thawing the candy, and loading the straw into an artificial insemination gun.


     "Using this pixie stick technique gives students the opportunity to see first-hand what the cattle breeders do during the season," said Lemmon.  "This hands-on approach also allows the students the chance to have some fun and eat candy while learning in the classroom."