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Photo posted by Craig A. Kohn on Apr 30, 2014

Using a tupperware storage bin, a pool noodle, a mop-head, can coozies, and a tube sock, I made a breeding box to help my students practice artificial insemination techniques. The can coozies are glued together (top to top) to make the vagina; one end is cut down the middle to make the vulva.  The other end is removed and a 4" piece of pool noodle is used for the cervix.  A cup at the end catches the 'semen' if the student performed it correctly.  The tube sock serves as the anus.  A little spray paint made the whole shebang look somewhat like a Holstein.


Students compete in teams for best time - instructions are posted at but students have to figure out how they're actually going to perform the procedure in groups (the reading is just a copied-and-pasted step by step for AI).


It makes for a pretty fun day



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