Inquiry Based-How does disease spread through a herd? Sprenkel_Best Lesson

Document created by Annette Sprenkel on Apr 21, 2014
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Area: Introduction to Agriculture Education-Animal Science

Lesson Title/Essential Question: How does disease spread through a herd?

Length of the Lesson: 35 minutes

Learning Objectives:

  •      Demonstrate how diseases spread through herds by simulating a real life situation
  •      Explain the spread of disease by tracing the infection back to the source


Target Audience: This lesson was designed for 9th grade however it can be easily modified for a larger group.



  • Attached is the lesson plan that I implemented based upon the needs of my students. The lesson plan can be easily adapted for your students! I've also attached the activity that I found in order to create this lesson.
  • If you read the activity you will see that it says there must be an odd number for this to work, this means participants, in order for everyone to be able to "interact" with two other students there should be an odd number of students.
  • I designed this lesson to be Inquiry Based. I left a lot of the responsibility in the students hands, it can be more or less directed by the teacher I thought that the less I did the more enjoyable it was for the students.



I hope you enjoy it! My students had a lot of fun with it

Annette Sprenkel