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Document created by Tonia Prombo on Nov 27, 2013
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I have been so busy teaching a full load that looking on here regularly can be a challenge.  Well, my cooperating teacher will be gone almost all of next week which will be nice as it will feel more like my class.  He confirmed that girls in my Hort class hate me.  No exaggeration.  He thinks it's because it's not him.  It is frustrating as I did nothing to them and they have been a pain in my backside since the beginning.  They insist on talking when I am teaching and despite getting on them it has persisted.  They are rude and disrespectful to myself and others when they do this.  I know if I can tolerate them and still maintain my cool, I will be okay.


I have enjoyed teaching my freshman and an sci.  Biotech in CASE I believe needs some revisions as it should do a better job at explaining procedures.  There is a lot of prep work for it as well and takes them days to get through a lab.  Not sure how I feel about this class.


In regards to technology, this school needs one on one.  Our computers and ipads dont work most of the time which makes it difficult to do a lot of our projects.


I have been working  on a few goals to improve on including voice, moving around the room, and management.  I believe I have improved but still miss things from time to time. Too bad we don't have eyes everywhere.


I have been sick this week.  My UTI is now a full blown kidney infection with rabidosis (breakdown of muscles).  Missing out on holiday as still up in air if hospitalization may become necessary.  Despite this I forged ahead this week.  I am learning that some things are more important now.  Just a note it stinks getting older.  They said common and can result in death if goes untreated.  Not sure how to feel about being compared to a senior citizen.


Ihope everyone has a great turkey day.  Eat for me as I am staying home and resting.  Good luck on your last week.