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File uploaded by Jason Kaare on Oct 25, 2013
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During my first quarter of introducing students to the AET website, I ended up with a lot of confused kids that got lost attempting to set up their SAE project. I created this tutorial that brings them through the website step by step. I tried it in class today and had very few questions while the students went through the website in a self paced manner. It is making life so much easier!


Note: This tutorial was created for the non proficiency/state degree seeking student. In our program right now, we only have around 5-10 students who will be filling out a proficiency application. We work with those students separately to fill out the website with more detail. For the majority of students, we use this as an easy way to grade and record SAE projects for classes.


Feel free to make some changes based on your own chapter...for example I have my own chapter number on the screen shot in the packet.


I hope this can help a few people out!