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The Gameplan ATTN: New players needed take a moment and post something :-) no matter how big or how small.

I am trying something different here. Another advisor asked me to help him find more questions for his FFA Quiz Bowl team. I started downloading what I could find posted on the net and then I thought to myself ...duh!!!!!!!!!!! I can use the CoP. So here is a test...I will post this as a Wiki document and upload what I already have downloaded. If you have questions to add please do and label it so we know what state it is coming from. I have already downloaded a few and will add them here. If we all work together, we can work to create a huge bank of questions for our students. Some states call this an FFA Knowledge Quiz or a Greendhand Quiz. This site can also be used as a repository for worksheets and PPT's and such about general FFA knowledge.


Putting It Into Practice


How do you study for the quiz bowl? Do you have a PPT Jeopardy Game? Do you make flashcards? Let us know and then upload tools you use. We KNOW that you don't want to share all of your trade secrets but try posting something...Thanks!


NEW:::: Try the Jenga Game posted earlier this week!


Have your students be part of the plan!  I have mine make flashcards on www.flashcardmachine.com.

Create puzzles using Puzzlemaker. Have kids use old game boards to make great teaching and review games.


Great Online Quiz: http://www.xatquiz.com/gallery/showimage.php?i=198&noignore=0&postid=19 Greenfield FFA



Crowder College FFA Knowledge Test 2006:






FFA Knowledge Links from sites posted but not maintained by Oregon Howell  School














Important Resourceshttp://www.ffanewhorizons.org/ -keep up to date on the latest FFA news!

http://www.ffa.org/ know your National and State officers and follow their travels.


Charlie Greenhand game FFA Unlimited http://www.ffaunlimited.org/chgragtrch.html


The FFA Game http://www.ffaunlimited.org/ffagagoedble.html