Dog Nail Clipping Lesson

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Make a Model of How to Trim a Dog's Nails


1/4 plastic fish tank tubing


Red Chenille stems








tape(scotch and electrical)







Explain to students the anatomy of a dog nail and how to properly trim them. Show a diagram of when you cut the nail normal, too short, left too long and if the nail is black. Explain that they will now create educational posters for a vet's office that explain the correct procedure but that they will use the given materials to create 3-D models of the nails. See pics:








For discussion:



1. What are the advantages to trimming a dog's nails from the time they are very young puuppies?



2. Why should you have styptic powder on hand at all times when trimming nails?



3. Why is nail care important?









Inspired by a station in the


Miller, et al, (1998). Dog Learning Laboratory Kit. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio State University.