• Assignment 1: Ch. 1-3 Reflection

    1) What are some pop culture themes, or television concepts (game shows, series, etc) that you can layer over your curriculum to make the content come to life in a way that is relevant to your students?   2) What kin...
    Sarah Warren
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  • Memorable Beginnings - VBC 2019

    Growing up, one of my favorite movies was the Wizard of Oz. I was so enthralled by the Land of Oz – the elaborate outfits, the vibrant colors, the enchanting characters…One of my favorite parts of the movie was...
    Sarah Warren
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  • Regional Committee Individual Talking Points.docx

    Mary Hoffmann
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  • 2019 NAAE Regional Conference Committee Priorities.pdf

    Mary Hoffmann
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  • 2019 Regional Committee Report Form Template.doc

    Mary Hoffmann
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  • Washington DC Officer Training 2018

    Indiana Ideas Indiana Unlimited 2019   If you are interested in taking your students to Washington DC for an Officer Training, here is some items that will help you plan.  I would encourage you to reach out for grant...
    Brittany Kloer (Bridges)
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  • Ag Literacy Reading Assignments

    I am looking to incorporate Ag Literacy along with developing reading skills in my 6th grade Introduction to Agriscience course as a bellringer. I have considered using Newsela or other sources of articles and incorpo...
    Dani Hodges
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  • Dairy Foods Contests Coaches Guide Purdue

    Hey all, does anyone have a copy of the 4-H/ FFA Dairy Foods Contests Coaches Guide from Purdue University? I used some of the items from it in the past and really enjoyed some of the activities and I cannot find it o...
    Sarabeth Royer
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  • The FFA Flyboys of World War II

    Three weeks ago, in honor of Memorial Day, we featured former FFA members who gave their lives in service to their country. Last week we remembered former FFA members who had been involved with D-Day. This week we rec...
    Gary E Moore
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  • Welcome to the 2019 NAAE Virtual Book Club!

    Welcome and thank you to those who have signed up for this summer's book club.  We are excited to get started and hope everyone was able to purchase the book.   Our first assignment is to read Chapters 1-3.  We will ...
    Alissa Smith
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  • 2019 CHS Foundation CASE Institute Scholarship Recipients Announced

    CASE is excited to announce the 2019 CHS Foundation CASE Institute Scholarship Recipients! Fifty-five agricultural educators were selected to receive assistance with their CASE Institute registration. These scholarshi...
    Miranda Chaplin
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  • Has anyone created a blind Kahoot for animal science?

    I am looking to see some of your examples to guide my creation for a small animal care and management course. I was told this is a great tool to use for introducing new material. 
    Stephanie Balmer
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  • MS Community - Go or Stay?

    With the new look of Communities of Practice and the easier mobile interface, it's decision time in the Middle School Community. Some of our topics have the potential to overlap other areas while some are unique to mi...
    Robin McLean
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  • Middle School Greenhouse Activity/Lab

    Does anyone have any middle school green house activities or labs you do?
    Marty Nowak
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  • Congratulations 2018 Ideas Unlimited Award Winners!

    This is a feature from the June 2019 edition of NAAE’s News & Views Newsletter. To read News & Views in its entirety, please visit this link.   Each year, NAAE recognizes six outstanding agriculture teachers for the...
    Andrea Fristoe
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  • How do I join the NAAE Virtual Book Club?

    How do I join the NAAE Virtual Book Club?  REGISTER HERE by May 31st. The first 25 people to sign up will receive a special gift in the mail! Join the NAAE Virtual Book Club group on Communities of Practice Purchas...
    Alissa Smith
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  • D-Day and FFA Members

    Today, June 6, 2019, is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. This was the turning point in World War II. We have no record of the number of former FFA members who were involved in D-Day, but we do know numerous FFA member w...
    Gary E Moore
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  • How Can We Advocate for ALL?

    This is a feature from the June 2019 edition of NAAE’s News & Views Newsletter. To read News & Views in its entirety, please visit this link.   We are a growing profession and want to make sure that our goals, missio...
    Andrea Fristoe
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  • Owls Can Be Lovebirds Too!

    This post is part of the June 2019 Teach Ag Times e-newsletter.    There are many great parts to being an ag teacher, one of which being the great, positive relationships ag teachers build together. Ag teachers acros...
    Andrea Fristoe
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  • Traveling With Pets lesson

    If you're in need of a small safety lesson for your Small Animal/Companion Animal classes, I came up with one on the fly today. (You know, one of those days where you change your mind at the last second and still some...
    Julie Fritsch
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