• Ag Literacy Reading Assignments

    I am looking to incorporate Ag Literacy along with developing reading skills in my 6th grade Introduction to Agriscience course as a bellringer. I have considered using Newsela or other sources of articles and incorpo...
    Dani Hodges
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  • Dairy Foods Contests Coaches Guide Purdue

    Hey all, does anyone have a copy of the 4-H/ FFA Dairy Foods Contests Coaches Guide from Purdue University? I used some of the items from it in the past and really enjoyed some of the activities and I cannot find it o...
    Sarabeth Royer
    created by Sarabeth Royer
  • Has anyone created a blind Kahoot for animal science?

    I am looking to see some of your examples to guide my creation for a small animal care and management course. I was told this is a great tool to use for introducing new material. 
    Stephanie Balmer
    created by Stephanie Balmer
  • Middle School Greenhouse Activity/Lab

    Does anyone have any middle school green house activities or labs you do?
    Marty Nowak
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  • I am looking to improve my officer application and interview process. What do you do for electing officers?

    I have attached my officer application students fill out. The students then are interviewed by a senior FFA member, two teachers, and some in the ag industry. #officerapplications #officerinterviews
    Randi Koehler
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  • Is there a modified version for the Junior advisor in the opening ceremony?

    I saw a version for the Junior advisor other than the standard advisor response in the opening ceremony many years ago.  I am looking for that or a modified version for the Junior advisor to use.
    Joe Linthicum
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  • Does anyone have a part they use for officer installation part for a Junior Advisor?

    We are looking to add a Junior Advisor to our officer team and are wanting an officer installation part.  Any help?   Thanks, Amy
    Amy Nichols
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  • General Livestock judging

    Does anyone use judging101.com for a livestock judging resource? I have been trying to figure out how to actually subscribe to it. Other good (cheap) resources?
    Maria Funk
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  • Teaching Breeds

    I was wondering if anyone had any materials they would like to share when they teach the different breeds and industry's of Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, and Dairy to their students.  I am looking for more than just ID d...
    John Heiser
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  • AgriBusiness Management Text

    I am looking for a recommendation for an Ag Business Text for my Senior Class I teach. I did purchase the John Deere One and it was was just very dry and hard to work though for the most part. So I thought I would rea...
    Kayla Thompson
    created by Kayla Thompson
  • Habitudes Teachers Guide or help

    I recently bought a copy of all the Habitudes by Tim Elmore.  I want to incorporate these into my Leadership class.  However I did not purchase a teachers guide.  I didn't know if it is wrong to share the teachers gui...
    Sarah Reynolds
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  • Does anyone use Instagram for recruitment

    I am wondering if anyone uses Instagram in order to promote their program? If so what are the pros, cons, who runs it, etc? I was in a meeting and some parents said that it may be a way to attract kids to want to come...
    Matt Agnello
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  • Dog Lesson Plans?

    I am a pre-service teacher at Penn State, I will be teaching a unit on dogs in the spring and I was wondering if anyone had any lesson plans for dog training or the domestication of dogs? Thanks for the help!
    Matt Holt
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  • Agronomy

    Does anyone have good resources or ideas for teaching the importance of agronomical crops? Activities, labs, lessons?? This is a new unit for me, and I am looking for ideas. Thanks to all in advance!!
    Kim O'Byrne
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  • Wildlife Course HELLLPPPPP!

    This is my first year teaching and I am struggling with my wildlife course. Kids are not interested in class discussions and don't ever take notes when I do a powerpoint. Im looking for lesson plans, curriculum and HA...
    Micayla Schmidt
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  • Help creating content, blogs etc

    How do you create blogs or any type of content? I cant seem to find how do create content here. I somehow did a blog but not sure how thanks!
    Lucy Hand
    created by Lucy Hand
  • CDE Grade Requirements

    Do you put grade requirements in place for your CDE teams? I have a member on my Electricity team who is failing or almost failing 3 classes and I don't feel comfortable taking him out of school 4 times in 2 weeks for...
    Billy Eddy
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  • Parli HELP

    I do not have much experience with pariamentary procedure.  At the end of next week I will be starting a basic, and an advanced unit on parliamentary procedure.  I am wondering if anyone has any tips, or ideas on simp...
    Zane Christensen
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  • Community Service Unit Materials

    Hello All -   Does anyone have a handout, PowerPoint lesson, etc. that you use to teach your students about what community service is, what counts as community service, etc? I am working on an inquiry research projec...
    created by Rebekah
  • Vernier Labquest Stream?

    Our school is going to iPads next year for all students. Does anyone use Labquest Stream with iPad? If so how does it work? What all equipment do you need?
    created by Tim