• Online delivery of NSTMOP

    I'm trying to plan for blended learning experiences for the fall.  The first unit I begin with is NSTMOP.   I'm hoping I'll have enough face to face time to complete the practical portion of this curriculum, but I'm w...
    Kelley Mills
    created by Kelley Mills
  • Business Plan project

    I'd like to have my ag business class create business plans but I have never created one myself... any ideas to start with?  I've looked at sba.gov and have some ideas, but would like an example of guidelines, what yo...
    Sarah Heilers
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  • Blacksmithing/ forge Unit

    I'm looking to do an intro unit of "blackmithing"/ hot metal work.  Does anyone have some introductory materials on the topic that would be appropriate for an upper level class?  Terminology / concepts and maybe a sim...
    Raylene Russell
    created by Raylene Russell
  • Agriculture Mechanics Open House?

    I am looking for ideas/suggestions on projects that students in grades 6th-8th could complete during our Agriculture's Departments first open house. Each grade is scheduled to tour the department for a 42 minuet class...
    Jessie Shafer
    created by Jessie Shafer
  • Online Ag. Mechanics Help?

    I am looking for suggestions on how to keep students entertained with Ag. Mechanics while we are doing online distance learning. I teach Ag. Mech. to 7th graders. Any help is greatly appreciated
    Katie Rittenhouse
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  • What websites would you add?

    As I have seen tools coming in, I have tried to create boards that then went into this Wakelet.  https://wakelet.com/wake/ff0f657d-bba2-480f-bae4-a113e54f29f1 Please, share links you are using during this remote lear...
    Robin McLean
    created by Robin McLean
  • Does anyone have an example of a Food Science Product Development scenario for a condiment?

    Missouri has chosen the team activity to be a Condiment, Shelf Stable, Retail this year.  I searched all of the past National FFA CDE resources and they haven't done condiments (since 2007).  I have also searched acro...
    Danielle Blair
    created by Danielle Blair
  • Does anyone teach Agriscience and NCCER Core in the same 1hr course?

    I am tasked with teaching Ag1 as well as NCCER Core in 1 school year in the same course. I am having trouble fulfilling my duties as an Ag teacher as well as a NCCER Core instructor and I am looking to see if any othe...
    created by John
  • Plant ID Weekly Quizzes

    I currently give a weekly plant ID quiz in my horticulture classes.  Each day I give the students a plant of the day.  Students fill out a sheet with information on the plant, paste into their plant ID book, and then ...
    Elizabeth Duncan
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  • Shop participation points

    I was wondering how other teachers weight their classes between shop participation, demonstrated skill, tests, etc. I have some students that excel with welding but don't clean up the shop or work the whole hour. I ...
    Tyrell Stephens
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  • Teaching Breeds

    I was wondering if anyone had any materials they would like to share when they teach the different breeds and industry's of Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, and Dairy to their students.  I am looking for more than just ID d...
    John Heiser
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  • Modern Marvels Worksheets?

    This question was posted by a fellow teacher here in Southside Virginia. Can anyone help?   I've been recording some of the Modern Marvels for use in our ag program.  Does anyone already have worksheets/questions wri...
    Jason Ince
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  • Student Teaching

    As a Kinesiology major, I usually ponder the motives of a teacher. I connect this with my desire to help people become healthy again through practices I partake in. So, my question is, as a student teacher, is it easi...
    Marek D'Alonzo
    created by Marek D'Alonzo
  • I am looking for a landscaping design project for a semester final. Does anyone have any ideas?

    created by Tim
  • Lesson Techniques

    What are the best techniques to stay on a planned schedule for a lesson? What should I try to avoid and encourage to get students more involved in my lesson?
    Grace Shawver
    created by Grace Shawver
  • Greenhouses in the winter

    Anyone have a list of creative things to do in a greenhouse during winter months? Located in Oklahoma, the greenhouse was not completed until a week ago so all the plans I had for things like Poinsettias are not going...
    Jennifer Hamlin
    created by Jennifer Hamlin
  • Briggs & Stratton 950

    First year teaching Small Engines.  My school has some new Briggs and Stratton 950.  I was wondering if anyone has a teardown script for this engine?  I have been on the Power Portal and there are many teardown script...
    Mitch Gearhart
    created by Mitch Gearhart
  • Floral Design Curriculum

    I will be student teaching soon and I am in need of floral design curriculum. My cooperating teacher is great but has taught this too long to have any written materials still. Lessons will be fine too. I will have to ...
    Ethan Lewis
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  • What core value do you believe is necessary for a successful teaching philosophy?

    Allison Rice
    created by Allison Rice
  • Animal Science and Technology First Year Teacher

    Hi Everyone! I am a first year Ag Ed teacher coming from an Animal Science background. This is also the first year for an Ag Ed program at the High School's I am teaching at. We were thrown in 2 weeks before school an...
    Kayla Ruble
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