• I am looking for a landscaping design project for a semester final. Does anyone have any ideas?

    created by Tim
  • Lesson Techniques

    What are the best techniques to stay on a planned schedule for a lesson? What should I try to avoid and encourage to get students more involved in my lesson?
    Grace Shawver
    created by Grace Shawver
  • Modern Marvels Worksheets?

    This question was posted by a fellow teacher here in Southside Virginia. Can anyone help?   I've been recording some of the Modern Marvels for use in our ag program.  Does anyone already have worksheets/questions wri...
    Jason Ince
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  • Greenhouses in the winter

    Anyone have a list of creative things to do in a greenhouse during winter months? Located in Oklahoma, the greenhouse was not completed until a week ago so all the plans I had for things like Poinsettias are not going...
    Jennifer Hamlin
    created by Jennifer Hamlin
  • Briggs & Stratton 950

    First year teaching Small Engines.  My school has some new Briggs and Stratton 950.  I was wondering if anyone has a teardown script for this engine?  I have been on the Power Portal and there are many teardown script...
    Mitch Gearhart
    created by Mitch Gearhart
  • Floral Design Curriculum

    I will be student teaching soon and I am in need of floral design curriculum. My cooperating teacher is great but has taught this too long to have any written materials still. Lessons will be fine too. I will have to ...
    Ethan Lewis
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  • What core value do you believe is necessary for a successful teaching philosophy?

    Allison Rice
    created by Allison Rice
  • Animal Science and Technology First Year Teacher

    Hi Everyone! I am a first year Ag Ed teacher coming from an Animal Science background. This is also the first year for an Ag Ed program at the High School's I am teaching at. We were thrown in 2 weeks before school an...
    Kayla Ruble
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  • Where the Fast Lane Ends Video Worksheet

    I am looking for a worksheet for the FFA video "Where the Fast Lane Ends".  Anyone have one.
    Danielle Blair
    created by Danielle Blair
  • St. Louis to Indy Tours

    We are traveling from St. Louis to Indy this year. Any ideas of tours or sites to see between St. Louis and Indianapolis? We are a group of 17 in vans and can venture off of I-70.  Thank you in advance!
    David Wilson
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  • Ag Exchange Box

    Hello! I have 8th grade ag exploratory students that would like to do an ag exhange box. We live in Idaho. This is a single semester class so I would also like to participate with someone during second semester. Pleas...
    Cami Schumann
    created by Cami Schumann
  • 5 year plan

    Has anybody ever been asked to put together a 5 year plan for your program?
    Stan Adler
    created by Stan Adler
  • Does anyone have questions for Land in the Sunshine?

    I am looking for questions, end of chapter quizzes, etc to go along with the Land in the Sunshine Books by Archie Matthews. Does anyone have any?
    Hayley Snedeker
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  • Labs for Basic Animal Science

    I will be teaching a new class next year that includes a basic animal science unit. This class will be offered to 8th & 9th graders as an intro Ag class covering all the Career Pathways.In the past I have been teachin...
    Henry Paris
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  • Where can I find the document outlined below?

    I heard there was a document of some sort that was titled something along the lines of "Volunteer Inventory".
  • Board policies

    Hello all!   Does anyone have board policies in regards to live animals in your classroom/program?  I am working on writing new policy with our superintendent and would like to know what is already out there!   Thanks!
    Taryn Romanczak
    created by Taryn Romanczak
  • Officer Training

    This will be my first time planning an officer retreat by myself. The officer team was elected prior to my arrival at the school. What are some recommendations for officer training? In the past I believe they have alw...
    Hailey Batchelor
    created by Hailey Batchelor
  • Alumni Proposal

    I am wanting to charter an Alumni chapter at my school and as of now our board and administration is supportive, but they want a formal proposal to be presented to them at a board meeting. Does anyone have anything li...
    Cheyenne Martin
    created by Cheyenne Martin
  • Ag Literacy Reading Assignments

    I am looking to incorporate Ag Literacy along with developing reading skills in my 6th grade Introduction to Agriscience course as a bellringer. I have considered using Newsela or other sources of articles and incorpo...
    Dani Hodges
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  • Dairy Foods Contests Coaches Guide Purdue

    Hey all, does anyone have a copy of the 4-H/ FFA Dairy Foods Contests Coaches Guide from Purdue University? I used some of the items from it in the past and really enjoyed some of the activities and I cannot find it o...
    Sarabeth Royer
    created by Sarabeth Royer