• Has anyone used Cornell's Vet Science curriculum 9-12?

    I have found the teacher's guide and student workbook, but does anyone have the student text?  My students are interested in beef cattle, horses, hogs, and goats.  When I go to the Cornell website it gives me very lit...
    J. Murray
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  • Measurement Stations

    NAAE Convention 2020 Workshop - Do Your Skills Measure Up? Converting Students into Rulers!    Does the sight of a tape measure or ruler have your students measuring twice and still cutting incorrectly? You’re not alo...
    Alice Cox
    created by Alice Cox
  • Expanded Inch

    NAAE Convention 2020 Workshop - Do Your Skills Measure Up? Converting Students into Rulers!    Does the sight of a tape measure or ruler have your students measuring twice and still cutting incorrectly? You’re not alo...
    Alice Cox
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  • Ground and Aerial Robots for Agricultural Production: Opportunities and Challenges

    The Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) released a new paper, Ground and Aerial Robots for Agricultural Production: Opportunities and Challenges. It is now available for download.   Today, highly a...
    Dan Gogerty
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  • CDE Interest

    Need a resource to help get students interested in CDE's? Here is a link to a choice board FFA has created.    CDE, LDE and Agriscience Research Choice Board - Box  
    Pauline Benton
    created by Pauline Benton
  • agriCULTURE: An agricultural approach to international perspectives

    Check out agriCULTURE a curriculum designed to provide teachers with a resource to bring multicultural diversity into the classroom through the exploration of agriculture around the globe.  AbstractAgricultural educat...
    created by Kiley
  • Wiring Diagrams

    Hello Everyone,   As a new teacher it becomes difficult to find good resources with electricity wiring labs. Attached are images of color versions of wiring diagrams I use for my Ag. Mechanics and Ag. Structures cour...
    Sara Colombe
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  • National FFA Convention Implementation Guide

    Make sure you check out the National FFA Convention Implementation Guide here Registration - 93rd National FFA Convention & Expo   There are great worksheets for incorporating this in your classroom in both Word and ...
    Pauline Benton
    created by Pauline Benton
  • Leadership, Personal Dev. and Career Success Book

    I just started using a new book this year called... Leadership, Personal Development and Career Success, 3rd Edition by Cliff and John Ricketts. Does anyone happen to have activities, ppts or worksheets that go along ...
    Amy Grantz
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  • New SAE Videos

    FFA has some new SAE Videos to share with your students for ideas for SAE. This is a great resource for Virtual learning. Please share ideas for SAE in this virtual world.    SAE Video Lesson Plans - Box  
    Pauline Benton
    created by Pauline Benton
  • Alternative Energy Project

    A great project that I found online where students work in groups to investigate an alternative source of energy, make inferences, evaluate the energy source, and determine benefits/drawbacks to their energy source. T...
    Miss Gilinsky
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  • Agronomy/Crop Science Help!

    I will be starting a crop science class soon and I am looking for more lessons/labs (trying to make lessons more meaningful to students, then just reading out of the book). This will be my second year teaching this cl...
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  • Virtual FFA Activities

    Hi Everyone,   This year our school is doing the hybrid model. Wednesday is a flex day which offers time for students to be apart of a club virtually. I see this as a great opportunity to do some sort of FFA activiti...
    Matt Agnello
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  • Swine Unit Plans and Materials

    Attached are unit plans and materials for a three week swine unit. I have used this information for a 10-12th grade animal science course. I do think it would be appropriate for 9th graders as well. All notes and info...
    Steve Lammers
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  • Curriculum Information for Introduction to Agribusiness Course

    This is the curriculum used for the Dual Enrollment, Introduction to Agribusiness course offered in Pennsylvania through Harrisburg Area Community College.   There are a lot of documents, so I will post the informati...
    Sherisa Nailor
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  • SAE for ALL in a Virtual World

    Stressing over Virtual Learning. SAE for All will help you do more than survive but will help you Rise Above!! SAE for ALL has resources such as Independent Learning Guides, SAE Videos with Teaching Guides, Choice Boa...
    Pauline Benton
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  • Single Point Welding or Shop Skill Rubrics

    I am not having any luck in a search.  Does anyone have any single point rubrics for weld skills or shop procedures? Thanks in advance.
    Jason Larison
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  • Landscape Design curriculum

    Idaho's landscape design curriculum.     I've used it- it was a great entire curriculum that is NOT just PowerPoint based!! I also have some supplements if you're interested in additional worksheets, etc.   http://w...
    Jaysa Fillmore
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  • Survey - Remote Observation of Plants

    We are curious as to how you and your students engage with plants. MARSfarm is a St. Louis-based startup looking to bring educators everywhere the ability to remotely observe and monitor plants through a forthcoming w...
    Kohl Terry
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  • First Day of School

    Here are the forms/worksheets, I am attaching the old All About Me and the ppt/social media version. First Day
    Kristin Witte
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