• Power, Structure & Technology class?

    Like most of you were are now teaching from home. I was instructed that we have to come up with a project that will take the students 3 to 4 weeks. Does anyone have ideas for Power Structure and Technology class? 
    created by Tim
  • Stock Show Classroom Presented by Show Rite

        Here's what you've all been waiting for... The schedule for week 1 of Stock Show Classroom which is focused on selection. To sign up, simply click the link(s) below and enter the info requested. *Registering with ...
    Alissa Smith
    created by Alissa Smith
  • AgEdNet.com Provides FREE Access to Ag Programs

    Hello, With schools suspending classes in response to the COVID-19 situation, we know that many will most likely be scrambling for online and remote resources for your students. We can only imagine how stressful this ...
    Alissa Smith
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  • SAE for All Online Distance Learning Resources

    “Teachers looking to continue instruction on SAE for All can find all the content in the individual learning guides available in an online RISE course format on the council website at https://thecouncil.ffa.org/...
    Alissa Smith
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  • Vet Science Distance Learning

    Distance Learning Activities 
    Alissa Smith
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  • UF IFAS Online Agricultural Education Online and Take Home Resources

    Dear Agricultural Education Community, I hope everyone is staying safe through these uncertain times with unprecedented changes. I know a large number of schools have moved to online learning or take home assignments....
    Alissa Smith
    created by Alissa Smith
  • Looking for advice on hosting an Ag Mechanics contest.

    Hi all,    Currently my school is kicking around the idea of hosting an Ag Mechanics contest for the area agriculture programs to take part in. I am looking for some of the logistics of hosting such an event as well ...
    Jessie Shafer
    created by Jessie Shafer
  • Canine Spay Simulation Lab?

    I am teaching Vet Sci...we are on our Hospital Procedures unit and will be doing a simulated castration of pigs. This is where we use balloons, cherry tomatoes, string, etc to simulate the parts then the students use ...
    Kathryn Simunich
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  • Floriculture/Floral Design Documents

    Before I started planning out my floriculture class for this fall, I realized that there isn't a ton of stuff on here as far as ready to use assignments and projects. (I am going on maternity leave the third week of s...
    Amanda Cook
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  • Agriculture Games Online

    Does anyone have any ideas for some free online ag games that students can use if they get through with a computer assignment early?   Thanks in advance.
    Jim Bob Bradley
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  • Middle School Application Process

    We are starting a middle school program next year and needing some information.  We have 2 high school programs in the county and will have 3 middle schools with an 8th grade program next year.  The 8th graders will b...
    Aaron Tucker
    created by Aaron Tucker
  • Viticulture Class?

    Starting a viticulture class this year. I am familiar with plant science and some basics of viticulture but looking to see what others do for a course outline. Power points/worksheets would be greatly appreciated!
    Russell Zimmerman
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  • Equine Unit-Link Edited

    I have an Equine Unit that I'm willing to share. If you click on the link, it will load in google drive and you can download the entire file or move to your own google drive account. It includes several items, but thi...
    Carlee Dittemore
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  • H&R Block Budget Challenge

    Check out this free program sponsored by H&R Block to teach students about budgeting using a class simulation over several weeks. I am using this in my Agribusiness,Consumer Education course. The challenge is explaine...
    Scott Fairfield
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  • Directional Terminology

    Does anyone have a good lab or activity for directional terminology?
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  • Need curriculum help with Spanish speaking student

    I have several students who do not speak English.  Does anyone have any teaching resources they can share?
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  • Ch. 9 Discussion - Go Make Some Magic!

    Wow! Can you believe it? We've already reached the end of this summer's Virtual Book Club. You have all done an excellent job at encouraging one another, building your Professional Learning Network, and being authenti...
    Sarah Warren
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  • Ch. 8 Discussion Questions

    Chapter 8 of Make Learning Magical is less about technique and more about our recurring theme of reflection. Tisha shares her own stories of impact, and challenges us to think from two angles - how can we have an impa...
    Sarah Warren
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  • Ch 7 Reflection Questions

    Reflection was stressed greatly in this chapter of Make Learning Magical. Kolb's Learning Cycle, a popular educational theory, includes four cyclical steps that seem to mirror Tisha's ideas:        Being able to pr...
    Sarah Warren
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  • Ch 5 & 6 Reflection Questions

    These questions are to help guide you in your assignment for chapters 5 and 6. You don't have to answer all of them if you don't feel they pertain to your lesson/unit.   What are some ways that you have used technolo...
    Katie Wood
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