• Ch. 9 Discussion - Go Make Some Magic!

    Wow! Can you believe it? We've already reached the end of this summer's Virtual Book Club. You have all done an excellent job at encouraging one another, building your Professional Learning Network, and being authenti...
    Sarah Warren
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  • Ch. 8 Discussion Questions

    Chapter 8 of Make Learning Magical is less about technique and more about our recurring theme of reflection. Tisha shares her own stories of impact, and challenges us to think from two angles - how can we have an impa...
    Sarah Warren
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  • Ch 7 Reflection Questions

    Reflection was stressed greatly in this chapter of Make Learning Magical. Kolb's Learning Cycle, a popular educational theory, includes four cyclical steps that seem to mirror Tisha's ideas:        Being able to pr...
    Sarah Warren
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  • Ch 5 & 6 Reflection Questions

    These questions are to help guide you in your assignment for chapters 5 and 6. You don't have to answer all of them if you don't feel they pertain to your lesson/unit.   What are some ways that you have used technolo...
    Katie Wood
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  • Witte Legacy

    One person who left a lasting impact on me is my high school ag teacher, Mr. Mowinkel. He always encouraged me to do my best, would have life chats and just was a positive influence in my life. I show him what it has ...
    Kristin Witte
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  • Witte Authentic Audience

    Lesson- Need for marketing/importance of knowing what your target audience does   Whom could you invite into the classroom as part of an authentic audience for your students? Local shrimp farm business owner who gro...
    Kristin Witte
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  • Food Science

    I am having to teach a food science 2 course next semester. I covered food safety, technology, meat and dairy in Food Science 1. Anyone have ideas for other topics to cover in Foods 2? I will probably go more in depth...
    Micayla Schmidt
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  • State Leaders

    Don't forget to send me your NAAE Professional State Association Award Application.  I need them ASAP
    Todd N. Thomas
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  • How to limit or sort the number of students in your program?

    Help!  I need a good way to sort out students for our agriculture education program.  I have way to many students who want to be in our agriculture program, and not enough classroom space.  I am a one teacher departme...
  • Animal Science class

    I am going to be teaching an Animal Science class in the fall.  I have not taught this class before and I am looking for units, labs, etc.  This class will count as a science credit for some students, therefore the ad...
    Heidi Doyle
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  • Owl Tales Podcast

    Hello,   My name is Lewis Mink and I wanted to share a new podcast with you all that might interest you. The podcast is called Owl Tales, and it is a podcast created by Matthew Whitaker, Daniel Bustle and myself. We ...
    Lewis Mink
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  • Assignment 1: Ch. 1-3 Reflection

    1) What are some pop culture themes, or television concepts (game shows, series, etc) that you can layer over your curriculum to make the content come to life in a way that is relevant to your students?   2) What kin...
    Sarah Warren
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  • Discovery FFA Degree Infographic

    Inspired by Diane Glock-Cornman and the infographics she has created for FFA Degrees, I whipped one up for the Discovery Degree for our upcoming Discovery Degree workshop - https://magic.piktochart.com/output/4079508-...
    Robin McLean
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  • One of our Region II Teachers

    Greetings Region II Ag-Ed/FFA Instructors.   You may have already heard but Mr. James Cannon from Arkansas is ill and in the hospital.  I received the following information from Jay Jackman today.  I believe that pra...
    Todd N. Thomas
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  • Invasive Species Teaching Unit

    Doing a unit on invasive species?  If you visit http://invasivespeciesmslesson.wetpaint.com/ you will find a unit lesson plan that includes Powerpoints, an outdoor lab activity, a webquest, an article review form and ...
    Robin McLean
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  • Washington DC Officer Training 2018

    Indiana Ideas Indiana Unlimited 2019   If you are interested in taking your students to Washington DC for an Officer Training, here is some items that will help you plan.  I would encourage you to reach out for grant...
    Brittany Kloer (Bridges)
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  • Simple leaf collections for 8th graders

    I want to have my 8th graders do a leaf collection.... but I've never done one......   What type of paper How many leaves would be reasonable (we will be able to collect a few during school)  I was thinking between ...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • Food Science Team Presentation

    Anyone have a great resource they use for preparing kids for the team presentation in Food Science.  I am having a tough time finding resources and a format to teach from.  Kinda a mystery to me.  Thanks
    Jeff Holmes
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  • Banquet Program

    Does anyone have a program they could share?
    Elly Stremsterfer
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  • Wiring Ladder Diagrams

    I am looking for resources for teaching Electrical Ladder diagrams, I have plenty of resources for wiring residential circuits. I would like to introduce ladder diagrams for electrical controls, as that is one area th...
    William Johnson
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