• Canine Spay Simulation Lab?

    I am teaching Vet Sci...we are on our Hospital Procedures unit and will be doing a simulated castration of pigs. This is where we use balloons, cherry tomatoes, string, etc to simulate the parts then the students use ...
    Kathryn Simunich
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  • Retiring Address Lesson Resource

    Need an idea for sub plans? Have you thought of having students hear a past National FFA Officer Retiring Address? Resources below for Erica Baier's Retiring Address.Direct Link (PDF)Direct Link (word)
    Sara Colombe
    created by Sara Colombe
  • Production Animal Science

    I teach a production animal science class and am having a hard time finding appropriate resources.  I am having to piece together too much and feel that I am missing something all the time.  Does anyone have any resou...
    Angie Pommerening
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  • Animals in the Classroom Survey

    Hello all! I am a graduate student at the University of Minnesota obtaining my M.Ed. in agricultural education. For my final project I am conducting a survey regarding the use of pets in agriculture classrooms. Once t...
    Nicole Heskin
    created by Nicole Heskin
  • Swine Unit Plans and Materials

    Attached are unit plans and materials for a three week swine unit. I have used this information for a 10-12th grade animal science course. I do think it would be appropriate for 9th graders as well. All notes and info...
    Steve Lammers
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  • National FFA Teacher Ambassador - Application NOW OPEN!

    Are you a teacher or know of one who would be interested in helping to share educational resources and opportunities within their state while offering feedback and ideas to the National FFA Organization?  Becoming a N...
  • Animal System Career Lessons

    Hello Everyone, Are you teaching Animal Science or Advance Animal Science this semester? Check out this NEW Animal Systems Careers-Lesson Series!!! The six lesson plan series offered on AgExplorer under Educator Resou...
    Sara Colombe
    created by Sara Colombe
  • In the Food Science CDE what is the difference between Sanitation and Safety?

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but is Sanitation only in reference to facilities/equipment and Safety is everything else.  For example: Personal Hygiene or no gloves seems like a sanitation problem BUT..... because ...
    Danielle Blair
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  • Equine Evolution

    While looking for a way to introduce the way horses have evolved over time I stumbled across this video the first half of the video is focused on the evolution based off fossils that have been found and the second hal...
  • Greenhouse Scavenger Hunt!

    This group scavenger hunt worked really well- my kiddos definitely had a better understanding of flat insert/flower pot sizes and how to distinguish between each after doing this activity.  We also do the same with a ...
    Jourdan Griffith
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  • Ag Business Curriculum Map

    Does anyone have an ag business curriculum map they would be willing to share?  I am planning an agribusiness class for next year and am trying to get an idea of unit sequencing. Thanks!
    Heather Hill
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  • Floriculture/Floral Design Documents

    Before I started planning out my floriculture class for this fall, I realized that there isn't a ton of stuff on here as far as ready to use assignments and projects. (I am going on maternity leave the third week ...
    Amanda Cook
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  • FFA Week Resource

    FFA Week is right around the corner!!!! Want to promote agriculture in elementary classes or outside of school during this week but don't know what is available? Check out the Ag Literacy and Advocacy Resource pro...
    Sara Colombe
    created by Sara Colombe
  • Chapter Planning

    Thanks for coming!  Got a lot on your plate?  Let's cook up success to empower students to plan with your chapter!   (Modified from workshop hosted by Juleah Tolosky, MN FFA).  Stay tuned: Officer Training coming ...
    Becky Haddad
    created by Becky Haddad
  • SPED Ninjas: Strategies to Manage Caseloads and Help Students Find Success

    Thanks to everyone who attended this workshop at NAAE!  Special Education (SPED) accommodations can be overwhelming, but Ag Ed is uniquely positioned to serve students with IEPs.  Effectively serve this population in ...
    Becky Haddad
    created by Becky Haddad
  • Put Down the Glue Gun and Back Away from the Bulletin Board - A Conversation on 21st Century Classroom Design

    Thanks to those who attended our workshop on classroom design! We enjoyed the discussions that came from our rotations.  Here's the link to our presentation - Put Down the Hot Glue Gun and Back Away from the Bulle...
    Jessie Lumpkins
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  • Public Policy Committee Meeting - Wednesday, Jan. 16th!

    Virtual Committee Meeting Wednesday, January 16, 20195:00 pm Eastern (4:00 pm Central; 3:00 pm Mountain; 2:00 pm Pacific) Conference Call Dial-in:(800) 704-9804Access Code:44743544#
    Mary Hoffmann
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  • FFA 365

     FFA Blue 365: The Four Stages of Innovation Lesson Plan If you are looking for a great lesson focused on innovation, look no further than the second lesson in the FFA Blue 365 lesson series. This turn-key lesson is a...
    Sara Colombe
    created by Sara Colombe
  • New "Cornell" Vet Sci Curriculum-Office Management Lesson

    We had the pleasure of hearing great feedback from many folks at National FFA Convention and NAAE. Our project, a vastly updated curriculum from the 2002 version places 160 lessons in teachers' hands. This is a no...
    Julia Smith
    created by Julia Smith
  • Just in case you didn't know!

    Good Day! I just wanted to let you all know that there is a great resource of lessons out there.  Last year I created a user friendly website of over 400 lessons from ag teachers across the US.  I encourage you to che...
    Ellen Thompson
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