• Ag Metals Choice Board

    Simple distance learning option.  I will be updating their choice board and choices and options throughout the term.  Students submit a weekly log with it (can be done in AET or in a Google Form, etc).
    Wes Crawford
    created by Wes Crawford
  • Free Online Ag-Science Curriculum from Animal Care Technologies

    As FFA programs are transitioning from in-classroom teaching to online virtual learning, ACT Online Training is there to help.  We are giving all school programs 30 days free access to our streamline learning manageme...
    Andrea Fristoe
    created by Andrea Fristoe
  • GoogleClassroom Online Learning Resources from Texas Beef Council

    We know these unprecedented times are leading to so many challenges for individuals, families and communities. We applaud you for doing the critical work of still caring for and educating students in the midst of this...
    Andrea Fristoe
    created by Andrea Fristoe
  • Food Animal Veterinarian Study Guide

    I'm sharing a self-study guide (attached) focused on food animal veterinarians for instructors and students. It is based on a new CAST publication, both of which you can download for free here: Impact of Recruitment a...
    Dan Gogerty
    created by Dan Gogerty
  • E-Learning Resources from Nutrients for Life

    The world has changed, and so too has the education environment with COVID-19. With many parents being thrust into new roles in recent weeks as parent-teachers, the Nutrients for Life Foundation has responded to meet ...
    Andrea Fristoe
    created by Andrea Fristoe
  • Region II Update

    Hi Everyone, I hope everyone is healthy and well.  The purpose of my message is to let you know an update to our Region II Conference.  I've been in contact with the folks in New Mexico and we decided to wait unti...
    Todd N. Thomas
    created by Todd N. Thomas
  • Blacksmithing/ forge Unit

    I'm looking to do an intro unit of "blackmithing"/ hot metal work.  Does anyone have some introductory materials on the topic that would be appropriate for an upper level class?  Terminology / concepts and maybe a sim...
    Raylene Russell
    created by Raylene Russell
  • Agriculture Mechanics Open House?

    I am looking for ideas/suggestions on projects that students in grades 6th-8th could complete during our Agriculture's Departments first open house. Each grade is scheduled to tour the department for a 42 minuet class...
    Jessie Shafer
    created by Jessie Shafer
  • Ag Mechanics Resources for Small Engines

    Need help trying to figure out how to teach “shop” online? Check out this resource from Mike Spiess, Professor of Agricultural Education & Ag Engineering Technology at California State University, Chico. .  ht...
    Andrea Fristoe
    created by Andrea Fristoe
  • Monday Morning Monitor-- 4/6/2020

      March 30, 2020Vision The Council creates an intentional direction for the Agricultural Education Model by: Connecting Leaders Fostering Collaboration Driving Action MissionThe Council leads the future of school-...
    Olivia Thomas
    created by Olivia Thomas
  • Where Did Thomas Jefferson Go?

    Since the founding of the Future Farmers of America (FFA) Thomas Jefferson (and George Washington) have been associated with the organization. For decades a picture of Thomas Jefferson was listed in the FFA Manual as ...
    Gary E Moore
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