• Public Policy Committee Minutes January 2018.pdf

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  • Zaleski PSU Best Lesson.docx

    a. Plant Science b. Lesson Title: Understanding Monocots and Dicots c. 43 Minute Lesson d. Compare the differences between monocots and dicots. Identify the parts of a monocot and dicot seed. e. I did this with s...
    Evelyn Zaleski
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  • Reasons Scoring Rubric

    Does anyone have a rubric that your judges use when listening to oral reasons?  I have several from other states FFA & 4H that are quantitative (12 points, 18 points, etc).  I am considering creating a q...
    Karie Smith-Dillinger
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  • New Teacher News -- February 2018

              Totally Acceptable. . . .     To use the Ag Education Discussion Lab on Facebook for tips, ideas, lesson planning and more, To already be thinking about who you wa...
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  • 2018 January NAAE Professional Growth Committee Report.doc

    Minutes from the January Professional Growth meeting
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  • The Last American Cowboy

    I have recorded all of the episodes from season 1 of this animal planet series.  I would like to use the videos in my animal science class. Does anyone have any worksheets or ideas to go along with this video ser...
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  • Maternity Leave

    Hello Everyone!   I was wondering if any of you have lesson plans/ projects for a teacher about to go on maternity who is leaving her students with a sub whos only background in ag is her husband farms. We have ...
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  • 2018 Teaching positions

    Please feel free to reply to this thread with agriculture teacher job openings.
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  • Monday Morning Monitor -- 2/19/2018

                    February 19, 2018Vision The Council creates an intentional direction for the Agricultural Education Model by: Connecting Leaders Fostering Collaboratio...
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  • Teaching aids...

    Hi Fellow Educators!   I am currently an agriculture education major at OSU.  As a final project for our lab pedagogy class we need to construct a teaching aid or demonstration.  Some of the examples i...
    Meghan McHenry
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  • How Does Belonging to a Professional Organization Help YOU Advocate for Your Program?

    This is a feature from the February 2018 edition of NAAE’s News & Views Newsletter. To read News & Views in its entirety, please visit this link.   As part of this month's edition of News & Vie...
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  • Jefferson County BOE Recognizes Student, Staff Accomplishments

    From the Herald-Mail Media. CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. — During its regular board meeting on Jan. 22, the Jefferson County Board of Education recognized a student and several staff members who have made outstanding con...
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  • 2018-2019 National FFA Teacher Ambassador

    The ambassador application is now live and can be found at this link: https://form.jotform.com/80166462231147. The application closes on Feb. 26, 2018 at midnight (EST). Applicants will be notified of the status of t...
    Sara Colombe
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  • Class Pets

    I have 2 guinea pigs as class pets.  Students have been asking to take them home over the weekends and school breaks.  Does anyone have a policy, tips, or pros/cons for allowing students to take home class p...
    Tiffany Walters
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  • How do you teach therapy animals

    Hello All,   I'm looking to add some more content to my Small Animal Science class. How do you teach therapy animals to your small animal science class? I'm hoping to add more than just a video on therapy animal...
    Rick Bierbrauer
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  • Small Animal PowerPoint

    Here is the PowerPoint that I used for an introduction to a Small Animal unit.  While talking about the taxonomic classes (kingdom, phylum, class, etc.), I created an ice-cream sundae activity for students to par...
    Abbey VanTyne
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  • Floral Design Contract Examples

    Hi Everyone,   Does anyone have their floral program do flower orders for the public for sweet 16's or weddings? I am looking for an example of a contract you may use for this purpose?   Thanks in advance!
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  • My Journey has been updated!

    Need free resources to help with planning, weather delay/cancellations or upcoming FFA contests? We’ve got something for everyone on My Journey. This month’s featured lessons and resources: · ...
  • Monday Morning Monitor -- 2/12/2018

                    February 12, 2018Vision The Council creates an intentional direction for the Agricultural Education Model by: Connecting Leaders Fostering Collaboratio...
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  • NAAE Finance Committee Agenda -- 02-12-2018.docx

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