• History of American Agriculture

    Hope the school year is starting out well for all of you!  I used to have a really good PPT that covered the history of American Ag and then also one for history of international ag.  Key word is used to....
    Shelia Schenk
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  • article of the week choice board.docx

    Something new I am trying this year is an "article of the week" now this really isn't every week but rather every other week because of the number of things I want to try! I have added a choice board so students choos...
    Pebbles Lacross
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  • The Hours We Keep

    Well, I do apologize for severely messing up the dates of assignments. This holiday week has me all out of sorts. You will notice that I have shifted the assignment schedule. Go Each Day is being posted today, and wil...
    Katie Wood
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  • Go the Way Discussion

    There is only one question for this chapter of the book. In part, because I think there is a lot of build up to "Grow Each Day."   While you are answering this question now, please keep it mind while reading "Gr...
    Katie Wood
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  • Show the Way Discussion

    Consider the following. Again, you are free to answer all questions, or explore one.   1. Describe the classroom (or department, or school) you are trying to create.   2. Describe what the classroom would ...
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  • 20/20 Vision

    First, let me say, I finally got some office time to catch up and read through your posts/discussions. I agree with Robin McLean, there needs to be a love button like on Facebook! It has been a pleasure to see the con...
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  • Breakfast of Champions Worksheet.docx

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  • Hyperdocs

    Have not heard about hyperdocs until today, but I definitely want to use them. I am looking for different templates and I would love to see examples of Hyperdocs that you use in the ag classroom! Below is a link to on...
    Blake Uchitjil
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  • Ag box Exchange

    HI Looking to do an ag box exchange with another high school this Fall 2017.  My class will be agricultural business 10th & 11th graders. We will include a video of our school, the area and agriculture as we...
    Sherry Heishman
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  • 2017 WAAE Committee Report Form Section 10.doc

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  • Breakfast Of Champions-Srp.docx

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  • Curriculum Information for Introduction to Agribusiness Course

    This is the curriculum used for the Dual Enrollment, Introduction to Agribusiness course offered in Pennsylvania through Harrisburg Area Community College.   There are a lot of documents, so I will post the info...
    Sherisa Nailor
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  • Fall Greenhouse Sale

    Hello everyone! I am looking for ideas of what to do for a fall plant sale. In the past we have grown mums from plugs that I order in the spring, however, due to a busy summer schedule this year, we did not plant any...
    Katlin Thorsell
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  • RFDTV in the Classroom

    We all know RFDTV streams the National FFA Convention, but there are so many other useful resources when you subscribe to the online RFDTV.  Does anyone use their shows in their classes and if so, which ones and ...
    Jordan Shipton
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  • Grow Each Day "Discussion"

    Notice the quotes around "discussion."   This week, we will be participating in the Mindset Test here: Mindset | Test Your Mindset   1. What were your results?   2. Do you feel the results were acc...
    Katie Wood
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  • Breakfast of Champions-Bester

    Jessica Bester’s Breakfast of Champions What’s in your “balanced breakfast?” What are your personal and professional goals? You can fill in your plate, or use this table: Personal Professiona...
    Jessica Bester
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  • Fence Building lessons

    Hey folks... I am in need here. I am looking for any lessons any of you have in fencing, types, materials, procedures, etc... anything dealing with farm fences. I know RedBrand has their Fencing 101 series, but they a...
    Aaron McDonald
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  • ASA Lab Report Template by Denise Senor and Teague Teece.docx

    Denise Senor
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  • One Day at a Time

    As we're nearing the end of our readings together, we need to look at the big picture. How are we going to put our mission and vision into action? And more importantly, how does that fit into our personal and professi...
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  • 2017WAAECommitteeReportForm.docSect6.TeachAg.pdf

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