• Chapter FFA Officer Applications & Guidelines

    We are currently in the process of revamping our chapter FFA officer application and guidelines.  Would you be willing to share what you currently use in your chapter?   What methods do you use to share the applicati...
    Nancy Bell
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  • History of American Agriculture

    Hope the school year is starting out well for all of you!  I used to have a really good PPT that covered the history of American Ag and then also one for history of international ag.  Key word is used to.  My computer...
    Shelia Schenk
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  • Individualized Learning- need help

    My school has gone to wanting individualized learning.  I am trying to get on board with this, but there is a lot of leg work to do this.  The big thing they want is CHOICES! The students should get to choose what the...
    Sarah Reynolds
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  • Travel

    Looking to take students to National FFA Convention and Expo for the first time ever. I am from a very economically disadvantaged area within my county. However we can not get and school funding such as Perkins to fun...
    Kaitlyn Sonifrank
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  • CTE Rotation Class?

    Hello everyone! My high school is considering a rotational course for the CTE programs we offer next year. Basically, instead of offering Principles of Agriculture to our freshmen, they would take this rotational cour...
    Bethany Mattingly
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  • Looking for help re-designing metal shop & choosing equipment

    I recently received a grant and am in the process of purchasing new equipment for my shop. I am looking for opinions on what type of MIG, TIG, and ARC welders you use in your program and what you like and dislike abou...
    Stephanie Schofield
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  • New Greenhouse!

    Our greenhouse will be complete in the next week. Its the 30x60 Atlas Educator and came will all sorts of cool features. I was hoping to get some ideas of what others do throughout the year in their greenhouses. Do yo...
    Amy Stephens
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  • New Facilities - Need Ideas/Advice for animal science, food science, aquaculture, vet science, greenhouse, hydroponics

    I am in my third year of teaching and within the next year, my agriscience program will be moving to a new building. With the move, we will be putting up a new learning lab. I am looking for advice on facility design ...
    Renee Schweitzer
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  • Renovated Greenhouse Needs

    I am reopening an Ag Program that has been closed for 5+ years.  When the Ag program was closed the greenhouse was abandoned and all the internal equipment was removed.  Now I have a shell of a greenhouse but no inter...
    Shelby Wolford
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  • Greenhouse Question

    I am a first year teacher who has a few questions about greenhouses. I have a fairly new greenhouse with a climate system and rolling benches, and a little bit of money set aside to "enhance" the greenhouse. What can ...
    Casey Sanders
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  • Hydroponics Question!!!!

    My Horticulture class has built a really stinking cool hydroponics unit from a YouTube video that had little in terms of instruction and materials list, but we are stuck at the end of our construction as to what type ...
    Bryana Hamlin
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  • Officer team selection

    As a new teacher how would you go about selecting officers? And how would you announce who makes it?
    Shyanne Ovard
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  • Using Kahoot in the Classroom

    I will be beginning my student teaching this upcoming Fall, and am trying to integrate some fun interactive ways of learning into my lesson plans. What are your thoughts on using programs like Kahoot or other interact...
    Melissa Nordboe
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  • FFA Cirriculum

    I am a first year teacher, so I am always looking for new materials.  I was wondering if anyone had any FFA lessons or curriculum that they would be willing to share.  Since FFA membership is now affiliate, I am worki...
    Kaytee Norris
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  • Vet Science

    tuDoes anyone have any good intro to vet science material?  I have a class this year but I am not allowed to buy anything.  So I am kind of stealing and borrowing material.  Any that someone would like to share would ...
    Shelia Schenk
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  • Technical Writing Course

    My school is considering doing an Applied English or Technical Writing class for our seniors. The administration feels like the Senior English isn't benefiting some of the students. Some subjects we're considering goi...
    Stephanie Whipple
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  • Class Period just for FFA!

    My school is trying a new schedule this year where we have 8 periods over two days, 1-4 one day and 5-8 the next on a block schedule. 2nd period will be used as a club period so I get my FFA kids, yay!! I have some id...
    Amy Stephens
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  • Trash-How does your program deal with trash?

    We have a trash problem in the Ag and Industrial Teach department in the  greenhouse, FFA shed, and shop.  We are a teacher takes care of it- facility at the moment.  Which means I use a class period, after school, or...
    Kala Miller
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    Next year I will be teaching at a private school in Iowa and have already been in touch with the State FFA about establishing a Chapter.  I am hoping to possibly get a meeting set up with the President of the school a...
    Tonia Prombo
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  • Looking for input in building a new facility.

    Our school is planning to build a new high school.  We have space set aside for our Ag Department, mechanics lab, meats lab, greenhouse, etc.  We are looking for a good examples of schools that were built that had a g...
    Scott Wisness
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