• Creative Class Syllabi

    Last year I was looking for a creative way to make my classes syllabus. I used piktochart to create an info-graphic for my syllabus. Its fun, unique, and allows me to showcase parts of the classes through pictures. I ...
    Nikki Fideldy
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  • Writing Grants-Monsanto training.pdf

    Slides from a grant-writing workshop given by Michelle Insco, Monsanto Fund Program Manager, at the 2013 NAAE Convention. Contains a lot of good information for writing grants that get funded.
    Julie Fritsch
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  • Flex Day

    Our school is implementing a flex day this semester and 3 next semester. The students do not come to school, but we are required to have an interactive activty for them to complete.. They prefer to have them do someth...
    Dawn Baker
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  • There is an app for that!

    There is an application that you can download on your smartphone and your iPad to look up math and English standards. It is called CommonCore. Hopefully, as this app gets more popular it will include all of the core c...
    Britney Marsh
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  • Recruitment Letter.May2012.docx

    This is a recruitment letter that I mailed to all parents and students in 7-12th grade. Chambers is starting an ag program for the first time and an explanation of ag classes and FFA was needed. I also forward this in...
    Jaci Palmer (Swett)
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  • Tips for Finding (and writing) Successful Federal Education Grants

    This PowerPoint presentation provides some basic, first steps to locate Federal funding opportunities, and then suggests several attributes of successful grant applications.   USDA's Secondary Education, Two-Year Po...
    Gregory Smith
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