• Trimester Scheduling

    My school is discussing changing to a 6 period trimester for next year. I was wondering if you could forward this to other agriculture teachers so that I can get some feedback on what the 6 period trimester might mean...
    Trevor Cummings
    created by Trevor Cummings
  • Self Evaluations for Student Led Parent/Teacher Conferences

    Hey everyone~   My school decided to try something new for our parent teacher conferences this year and choose to implement the Student Led Conferences.  So each student only meets with their seminar teacher and thei...
    Sarah Molzahn
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  • Classroom Organization- Teaching Binder

    Every summer when school starts back I try to get organized and make my classroom look organized and inviting.  I spend hours on Pinterest looking up ideas.  I wanted to share the result of all my searching.  Maybe my...
    Sarah Reynolds
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  • Modern Marvels: Farming Technology

    I like to show this episode during the first day, however, I cannot find it anywhere online to either view or purchase. Does anyone happen to have a link or suggestion? Thanks!
    Dawn Baker
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  • Planning for Semester

    Hello, I am in the process of planning my semester out since I will be absent and want things to be organized for the full time sub. What would be suggestions that you would have to help me out? Right now I am trying ...
    Bradley Cihak
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  • Teacher Binders

    Does anyone use a teacher binder? I'm working towards being organized and keeping all my important documents together (instead of in separate folders everywhere.)   What are some of your must-have documents to keep c...
    Sara Casto
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  • Curriculum Maps

    http://communities.naae.org/servlet/JiveServlet/download/8026-4649/AgManage.docx Great curriculum Map for freshmen Intro class
    Beth Wethington
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  • Standard Based Grading

    Our school is working towards "Standard Based Grading" as I'm sure some other schools are as well. Would anyone be willing to share their rubrics or resources? Thanks!
    Meredith Gilbert
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