• Potential Swine Facility

    Greetings Agriculture Educators! Our school is currently in the process if raising funds to construct a swine facility on our school property as a part of our Agriculture department.  As part of our curriculum, we br...
    Kyle Woolston
    created by Kyle Woolston
  • Trimester Scheduling

    My school is discussing changing to a 6 period trimester for next year. I was wondering if you could forward this to other agriculture teachers so that I can get some feedback on what the 6 period trimester might mean...
    Trevor Cummings
    created by Trevor Cummings
  • Ag Barn/Greenhouse/Farm Student Manager

    Hi, I was wondering how many of you have a "student manager" for your Ag facility.  I am looking for some guidelines on responsibilities of the student, payment (do they get paid or class credit) and how they are cho...
    Amanda Farrah
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  • Facility Control

    I was very excited at the end of last year to learn that we would be getting a greenhouse for my agriculture program. I am a single teacher so I thought that I would get to call all of the shots on my greenhouse. I ha...
    Danielle Reeser
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  • New Building Floor Plans

    Here's one you don't see very often! We will be building a new Agriculture Science/ Agriculture Mechanics Teaching Facility in the near future. Any one have any floor plans they would share? Thanks  - Kevin Rice - Al...
    kevin rice
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