• Potential Swine Facility

    Greetings Agriculture Educators! Our school is currently in the process if raising funds to construct a swine facility on our school property as a part of our Agriculture department.  As part of our curriculum, we br...
    Kyle Woolston
    created by Kyle Woolston
  • Trimester Scheduling

    My school is discussing changing to a 6 period trimester for next year. I was wondering if you could forward this to other agriculture teachers so that I can get some feedback on what the 6 period trimester might mean...
    Trevor Cummings
    created by Trevor Cummings
  • Looking for help re-designing metal shop & choosing equipment

    I recently received a grant and am in the process of purchasing new equipment for my shop. I am looking for opinions on what type of MIG, TIG, and ARC welders you use in your program and what you like and dislike abou...
    Stephanie Schofield
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  • New Greenhouse!

    Our greenhouse will be complete in the next week. Its the 30x60 Atlas Educator and came will all sorts of cool features. I was hoping to get some ideas of what others do throughout the year in their greenhouses. Do yo...
    Amy Stephens
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  • New Facilities - Need Ideas/Advice for animal science, food science, aquaculture, vet science, greenhouse, hydroponics

    I am in my third year of teaching and within the next year, my agriscience program will be moving to a new building. With the move, we will be putting up a new learning lab. I am looking for advice on facility design ...
    Renee Schweitzer
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  • Renovated Greenhouse Needs

    I am reopening an Ag Program that has been closed for 5+ years.  When the Ag program was closed the greenhouse was abandoned and all the internal equipment was removed.  Now I have a shell of a greenhouse but no inter...
    Shelby Wolford
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  • Greenhouse Question

    I am a first year teacher who has a few questions about greenhouses. I have a fairly new greenhouse with a climate system and rolling benches, and a little bit of money set aside to "enhance" the greenhouse. What can ...
    Casey Sanders
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  • Hydroponics Question!!!!

    My Horticulture class has built a really stinking cool hydroponics unit from a YouTube video that had little in terms of instruction and materials list, but we are stuck at the end of our construction as to what type ...
    Bryana Hamlin
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  • Ag Barn/Greenhouse/Farm Student Manager

    Hi, I was wondering how many of you have a "student manager" for your Ag facility.  I am looking for some guidelines on responsibilities of the student, payment (do they get paid or class credit) and how they are cho...
    Amanda Farrah
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  • Facility Control

    I was very excited at the end of last year to learn that we would be getting a greenhouse for my agriculture program. I am a single teacher so I thought that I would get to call all of the shots on my greenhouse. I ha...
    Danielle Reeser
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  • New Building Floor Plans

    Here's one you don't see very often! We will be building a new Agriculture Science/ Agriculture Mechanics Teaching Facility in the near future. Any one have any floor plans they would share? Thanks  - Kevin Rice - Al...
    kevin rice
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  • Help! We're planning a new facility after the tornado.

    May 22, 2011 our town and school got hit by an EF5 tornado. We are in temporary facilities until August 2014 (tentatively) but have already started the process of planning for the new school. Our plans include 2 lab/c...
    Jason Cutler
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