• What questions should you ask those interviewing you?

    When interviewing for a Agriculture Education teaching job what questions should you ask your Administration and those interviewing you?
  • CASE and learning management systems

    Can I post CASE materials (worksheets, plans etc) on our schools learning management system? (Schoology)   Thanks, Casey
    Cassandra Brown
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  • New Curriculum, New Teacher

    I'm in need of some professional insight. I have been offered my first teaching position. The position is far from home and would involve starting a brand new ag. program. I'm looking for advice from other teachers th...
    Amanda Hack
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  • Recommendations: Grad Degree in Ag Ed or Industrial Tech Ed

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend an online grad program in Ag Ed or Industrial Tech (aka Career and Technical) Ed.    I'm not particularly interested in the typical education courses -- I took a bunch of thos...
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  • Teachers Aide Contracts

    I have recently read about some teachers using contracts with their teachers aide students.  The contracts included a grading rubric for students, so they knew what they must complete to earn the grade they wanted.   ...
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  • Taking it to the Next Level and still maintaining your Sanity?

    I am a 1 teacher program at a rural middle-high school in North East Florida. I am wrapping up my 3rd year as a teacher/FFA advisor so I am still learning, A LOT. The program was pretty much non-existent when I starte...
    Kalyn Hartley
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  • Pro Landscape

    Good morning!   Our Ag program recently purchased the Pro Landscape computer software that we have loaded onto our classroom computers. There are several icons that go with this program now showing on the main screen...
    Kim Hill
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  • Extended Contracts 2015

    We have to negotiate for my summer contract and are look for some statistics to back us up on 2 teacher programs.   I am wondering: What kind of contracts two teacher programs have?   -Do you get FFA pay and a summer ...
    Tara Fastert
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  • Agriculture education advice

    Hey guys, In January I start my student teaching.  What advice would you give to a new teacher?
    Katie Wells
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  • Looking to start a summer Agriculture Career Pathway program?

    Our department is looking to develop and implement a Agriculture Career Pathway program for the summer of 2015.  The idea is to have students grades 8-10 come onto campus for a week of fun labs related to all facets o...
    Michaela Kehrer
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  • Selection Rubric

    I can only take 10 students on an out of the USA trip and need to develop a rubric for selecting students.  Does anyone have a rubric they have used to select students to for a special travel trip?
    Luke Beam
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  • Late Work Policy

    Hi All - This seems like such a no brainer, but after 14 years, I am sick of my late work policy and looking for new ideas on how to do this. What do you do for late work in your classroom? Points? No Points? How long...
    Annette Weeks
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  • Landscaping/Turf Management

    Does anyone have their landscaping/turf management class manage the athletic field at their school?  I was recently approached by the soccer coach about possibly having my class do this.  I have talked briefly to my a...
    Matt Bax
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  • Bonsai lessons and documents?

    I am adding a unit of bonsai to one of my classes and I was wondering if anyone has lesson plans, documents, websites, Powerpoints, pictures, and/or videos they use to teach it?
    Patricia Thorne
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  • Officer Interview Questions

    Hey guys hope everyone's year is going well. So I am experiencing something for the first time in my six years of teaching. I have 24 FFA members who have applied for office. We have an interview process and prior to ...
    Amanda Mullins
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  • Super Farmer/Teen Contest

    Does anyone do a Super Farmer/Teen Contest at their county fair?  Our fair board is looking for new activities to target high school aged kids and younger adults.  Any ideas, suggestions, or form that you may have wou...
    Matt Bax
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  • New Course Ideas

    Hey everybody. Our guidance counselor just put out some information for us for the 2013-14 school year and at this time we can make any changes to our existing courses or add/delete course offerings in our department....
    John Daniels
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  • Any Michigan Ag Teachers out there?

    Hey Michigan Ag Teachers,   I am moving to from Idaho Falls, Idaho to Kalamazoo, Michigan in May and looking to join your ranks. What are some schools that teach agriculture near Kalamazoo?   Ashley Buhler
    Ashley Buhler
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  • Paid Maternity Leave

    Fellow Aggies-   This year is a contract negotiations year for our consortium. Something we want to fight for this year is a paid maternity leave.  I am a young mother of 3 and am most likely done having children, bu...
    Desi Severance
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  • Scavenger Hunt

    Does anyone have a scavanger hunt that they use while attending the Western Farm Show in KC?   Thanks   Matt
    Matt Bax
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