• Any International Baccalaureate Program Out There?

    My school is in the process of implementing the International Baccalaureate (IB) Program to begin in the fall of 2010.  I have been charged to research if there are any Agriculture Programs in the US that currently ar...
    Michaela Kehrer
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  • Soil Science

    Does anyone out there teach a Soil Science or Soil Chemistry class?  I am teaching a Soil Chemistry class next year and I would appreciate any help.
    Bill Costanzo
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  • FFA Curriculum

    I am starting my 3rd year of teaching and as of yesterday, we had been in school 2.5 days when I got asked to come to my principals office.  I had a traditional farm boy drop ag class and go to FACS class, because he ...
    Joni Fields
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  • What makes your job hard?

    I'm collecting some un-scientific data to help frame our conversation at a workshop on big ideas this June at our state professional conference.  On a regular basis, what makes your job the hardest and/or causes you t...
    Craig A. Kohn
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  • Help: Student from another school wants to be a part of my program-Ohio

    There is a student who attends a somewhat neighboring district that wants to be a part of my program. That neighboring district does not have a program. Does anyone have this situation? If so, how does it work for you?
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  • Ag Power Curriculum

    I have about 6 weeks of school left and I am struggling to keep my Ag Power students focused on school.  I have been creating the curriculum as the year has gone by because I've never taught a class like this before a...
    Amanda Goin
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  • International Women's Day

    National FFA was pleased to help observe International Women's Day this week. Nowhere can the growing impact of women in agriculture be seen more clearly than in their engagement with FFA and agricultural education. S...
    Nina Crutchfield
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  • What questions should you ask those interviewing you?

    When interviewing for a Agriculture Education teaching job what questions should you ask your Administration and those interviewing you?
  • Making a Difference magazine is making a comeback!

    It's taken some effort but the great magazine you once knew has finally returned, albeit in a new format. You will once again find great ideas, perspectives, and tried-n-true approaches to problems from your fellow te...
    Nina Crutchfield
    created by Nina Crutchfield
  • Farmland the Movie

    I just saw that Farmland is being offered for free, I believe just for this month (October 2014), from Hulu. I have not had the opportunity to watch the movie yet myself but I was wondering if any of you have watched ...
    Shalie Terrill
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  • CASE as Science Credit

    I am just wondering if any state is allowing CASE courses to be counted as Science Credit?
    Josh Dahlem
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  • CASE and learning management systems

    Can I post CASE materials (worksheets, plans etc) on our schools learning management system? (Schoology)   Thanks, Casey
    Cassandra Brown
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  • Ag Leadership?

    I was wondering how many of you teach an ag leadership course and if you do, what do you cover in the course? If you could, could you include a course description you use for it? I would like to teach an ag leadership...
    John Daniels
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  • New Curriculum, New Teacher

    I'm in need of some professional insight. I have been offered my first teaching position. The position is far from home and would involve starting a brand new ag. program. I'm looking for advice from other teachers th...
    Amanda Hack
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  • Reality Works Guide Weld or Real Weld

    Does anyone out there use either Reality Works Guide Weld or the Real Weld system?  I got a large grant and I was thinking about purchasing one of these systems to help teach welding.  They are both similar, but the p...
    Bill Costanzo
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  • Recommendations: Grad Degree in Ag Ed or Industrial Tech Ed

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend an online grad program in Ag Ed or Industrial Tech (aka Career and Technical) Ed.    I'm not particularly interested in the typical education courses -- I took a bunch of thos...
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  • Teachers Aide Contracts

    I have recently read about some teachers using contracts with their teachers aide students.  The contracts included a grading rubric for students, so they knew what they must complete to earn the grade they wanted.   ...
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  • Taking it to the Next Level and still maintaining your Sanity?

    I am a 1 teacher program at a rural middle-high school in North East Florida. I am wrapping up my 3rd year as a teacher/FFA advisor so I am still learning, A LOT. The program was pretty much non-existent when I starte...
    Kalyn Hartley
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  • Lines Only Ag Teachers Hear (or Say)

    Hello, I am a Senior Ag Ed major. I just received an assignment to write and article for a Ag Ed magazine. The main audience will be Ag Teachers. My article is going to be titled Top 5 lines only an Ag teacher will he...
    Charity McMullen
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  • How do you bring the world into your classroom?

    We get asked all the time for stories about agricultural education students who are engaging in global activities. Companies, government officials, educators want to know how we are preparing our students to be a part...
    Nina Crutchfield
    created by Nina Crutchfield