• Trashing the old and starting over: Fundamentals

    I'm in my 12th year of teaching, 2nd year at my current school.  After an initial dip in numbers when I came to this school, I've found out that my program numbers are taking a huge jump next year (Part of this comes ...
    Chad Sickbert
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  • Department Refrigerator/Freezers

    Hi - we are looking at purchasing a refrigerator for my department. The district has this thing about personal refrigerators and so my director suggested a Scientific Fridge - do any of you use one of those? Any ideas...
    Annette Weeks
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  • More interesting way to teach FFA

    HELP!!!! I am struggling to pass the information about our FFA basics to my students in a manner that doesn't put them ( and me ) to sleep! I have tried ppts, presi, self directed learning, and am getting to whits end...
    Cole Andes
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  • Forestry Lessons

    Hello, All.   I'm a first year teacher with little to no experience in Forestry. Other than covering my Content Standards, I'm not sure where to go. Any help?   Thanks! Ashley
    Ashley Cochran
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  • Artificial Insemination Model

    Hello - A couple of us viewed the artificial insemination model workshop at 2014 NAAE, but it was so popular we did not get the paper. In running a simple search on here I have not been able to find it. I think it was...
    Annette Weeks
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  • CASE Materials - How do you store them?

    CASE Teachers -   This summer I will be getting my 2nd and 3rd CASE certifications.  After receiving many of the materials for all of the classes, I'm running out of storage spaces.  How do you all store all of the m...
    Bridget Mahoney
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  • Non Perkins Grants?

    So, here's what's going on.... we are a 1200+ student school, I am the only ag teacher and I see 200 plus students every other day(A B Block) and we have a budget of about $0 each year. My admin is... hard to track do...
    Cole Andes
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  • Best Place to Begin When Starting a New Unit Plan?

    We are a class at the University of Kentucky and trying out Communities of Practice. We'd like to get your advice on the best place to begin when starting a new unit plan. How do you begin? What do you do?
    Grace Thedog
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  • Intro to Plant Science

    I am about to teach my Intro to Plant Science unit.  I was looking for some good PowerPoints, Activities, and Labs that  you would do with your Into to AG classes!  Anything is more than helpful!! Thanks for the help!
    Melissa Fennell
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  • Ag Math Monday

    I have started a new activity this year that I call " Ag Math Monday".After many years of my students struggling with math skills in my Agriscience classes I decided to  start reviewing a math skill each week (Monday'...
    Henry Paris
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  • AG Exchange Box

    My AG III class is looking to exchange Agriculture boxes with other Agriculture programs in five other states.  We would send you a Louisiana Agriculture Exchange box.  If you are interested please send me an email at...
    Melissa Fennell
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  • Standard Based Grading

    This fall, I am planning on using standards based grading to assess my students' learning. Do any other teachers have some advice on this?   Thanks, Renee
    Renee Schweitzer
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  • How do you keep students from being so NEEDY in the shop?

    I spend three almost 4 weeks going over EVERYTHING in the shop. How to weld, measure, cut, paste, read a plan, make a plan, bill of materials, etc. BUT as soon as I get to the shop, the students are screaming for me t...
    Mary Katherine
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  • Course Description ideas

    Trying to save a little thinking....   Anyone have course descriptions they are willing to share for some classes? Course outlines would also be appreciated.    Ag Business Ag Coop/Work Experience
    Maria Funk
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  • Amazing Race - Agriculture Edition?

    In my Principles of Ag classes we have began reviewing for their final exam.  As a culminating review activity, I would love to do an "Agriculture Edition" of the Amazing Race.  However, I can't decide how this would ...
    Heather Hill
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  • How do you post Lesson Docs to the AET?

    Hello, I am trying to utilize the AET site to post my CASE presenation documents so that my students may see them.  I have tried to look everywhere to find out how to post lesson documents such as the presentations t...
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  • SchoolTube

    Greetings from PA,   On behalf of the Penn State Pesticide Education Program, we are grateful to be able to support agricultural educators across the country with pesticide safety resources! Through contact with edu...
    Kelly Lowery
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  • Vocabulary Strategies

    One of our main goals this year as a school district is vocabulary development. I was wondering what other teachers do for vocabulary development in their classrooms? We are supposed to bring ideas next week to our in...
    Jessica Hebert
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  • Posters for the classroom

    I'm working on getting my classroom reset for the school year. Over the summer I moved/got rid of/refinished a bunch of furnature and now I seem to have an OVERWHELMING amount of white wall space. Painting it is not a...
    Cole Andes
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  • CASE - looking for details

    Looking at attending a CASE institute this summer. It's my first year, and the first year the program has been full time in awhile, and I wanted to get some info from others that have went through it.  We are looking ...
    Maria Funk
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