• 2015 Newly Revised AFNR Career Cluster Standards Standards Available

    Greetings.   The National Council for Agricultural Education would like to announce that a newly revised set of AFNR Content Standards have been released for use. We would encourage all agricultural educators to cons...
    Mike Honeycutt
    created by Mike Honeycutt
  • Standards Based Grading Rubrics

    HELP!  I teach one Middle School class and they are forcing me to switch over to Standards Based Grading (a 4,3,2,1 system).  I am really struggling with this concept and have gotten very little training (as in a teac...
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  • AET

    I am looking at switching record books to an online version and I am currently looking into the AET system.  I would be curious if any teachers use this web based record keeping system and their thoughts on it.  Thanks.
    Ross Hastert
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  • Planning Inquiry-Learning or Problem-Based Units

    The past couple of years our school has been focusing on inquiry-learning and/or problem-based-learning during professional development.  I also used this topic in my Creative Component for my Masters.  This does NOT ...
    Melanie Bloom
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  • Farmland the movie

    I have been able to get Hulu unblocked for my classes to watch Farmland while I am at National Convention next week.(only for 2 days of my absence, but that was all I needed) Now my question is has anybody developed a...
    Henry Paris
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  • Agriculture Exchange Box

    My AG III class is looking to exchange Agriculture boxes with other Agriculture programs in five other states.  We would send you a Louisiana Agriculture Exchange box.  If you are interested please send me an email at...
    Melissa Fennell
    created by Melissa Fennell
  • Videos for Block schedule classes

    This year my school  changed it's class bell schedule. We were a 5 day a week 7 period day. Now we are one day a week 7 periods and 4 days a week Block schedule 90 minute classes. My question is I had accumulated a go...
    Henry Paris
    created by Henry Paris
  • 8th Grade Curriculum

    The school that I teach at rotates 7th and 8th grade students by quarter.  I am just about ready to get my first group of 8th graders in next week.  I was curious what other teachers teach 8th grade students.  I would...
    Ross Hastert
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  • Capstone/Independent Study course

    I am looking for some guidelines on an independent study course/senior capstone. I only have one student who's doing this as we had a schedule change today due to conflicts. He's been in Ag Ed his entire high school c...
    Alison Derringer
    created by Alison Derringer
  • Cadet Teachers

    I am going to have a couple cadet teachers this fall and I am just curious what other teachers have these student do?  I know they can grade papers, and make copies and clean the shop, but I am looking for a project t...
    Ross Hastert
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  • (2nd Call) National Council for Agricultural Education Seeking Reviewers for AFNR Content Standards Revision

    clGreetings Ag Educators!  A few weeks ago I sent a message regarding an upcoming project of The National Council for Agriculture Education and Vivayic, Inc. to revise the current Agricultural Food and Natural Resou...
    Mike Honeycutt
    created by Mike Honeycutt
  • First week activities

    Hello, all!  I'm looking for new ideas to start off the school year.  The first few days of school are so jumbled with class meetings and such that besides covering the basic expectations for class and syllabus I li...
    Dianna Jarema
    created by Dianna Jarema
  • Council Seeking Reviewers for AFNR Content Standards Revsion

    Greetings!  The National Council for Agriculture Education and Vivayic, Inc. are pleased to collaborate in an effort to revise the current Agricultural Food and Natural Resource Standards.  We are seeking engaged prof...
    Mike Honeycutt
    created by Mike Honeycutt
  • student info sheet?

    Hi, I am looking for a general student info sheet? With things like: name, interests, address, parent info, etc? Any help would be great thanks. Jessie
    Jessie Schermerhorn
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  • Survey of Ag Ed Professionals Concerning the AFNR Content Standards

    The Agriculture Food and Natural Resources (AFNR) Content Standards developed by the National Council for Agricultural Education were last revised in 2009. To maintain their relevance and utility as a guide for what s...
    Mike Honeycutt
    created by Mike Honeycutt
  • Teaching Character materials

    As the school year starts to draw to an end, I have begun to plan my summer schedule.  This summer I believe includes creating some new curriculum.  Specifically, I want to create a curriculum that deals with characte...
    Corrine Smith
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  • You're Invited!

    Greetings from Iowa State University!   Looking for professional development? Curriculum resources? The Education Team with the USDA funded CSCAP Project have you covered. We would like to invite you to a weeklong cl...
    OP McCubbins
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  • End of the year project?

    Good morning!   I am thinking about creating an end of the year project where students have to take something that they learned or were intrigued by in my class and make a poster or presentation about it.  I see this...
    Donna Page
    created by Donna Page
  • Freshmen Orientation

    I got roped into teaching Freshmen orientation two times a week for 40 min, and I have run out of ideas on lessons to teach them do any of you have any suggestions or lessons I could use please?  Thanks
    Jenna Gilliam
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  • Motivating Seniors

    The after Christmas "senioritis" has hit my program hard!!! My "good" seniors are obtaining the holier than thou attitude and it is killing my program. I'm about ready to throw in the towel myself. Any advice for me?
    Cole Andes
    created by Cole Andes