• Earth Day Activities

    What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day in your classes?
    ed olsen
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  • Project Based Learning

    I have recently taken a job at a new school who is very focused on all teachers participating in Project Based learning. I know that as ag teachers, most of what we do is considered project based learning. However, th...
    Amy Stephens
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  • Middle School Curriculum

    I'm going to be teaching an 8th grade exploratory class this year. Each class will last for nine weeks. Does anybody have any suggestions as to content or activities that you do with your eighth grade exploratory? I w...
    Jessica Hebert
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  • Bell ringers

    I am redoing some of my curriculum this year.  I have noticed in the past that I lose a lot of time at the beginning of the hour, especially first period.  I am wanting to incorporate a bell ringer activity for my cla...
    Lynn Shrock
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  • Ag Teachers on Pinterest!

    I am a avid user of Pinterest and have found lots of other Ag Education and FFA boards on the site. I haven't even met some of the ag teachers, but I follow them on Pinterest. If you use Pinterest and have Ag Educatio...
    Jaysa Fillmore
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  • Kohn-For-Teachers.html

    Hello everyone! For anyone in need of a quick curriculum on the spot or even an entire course's curriculum, feel free to visit and steal from Agricultural Sciences, Waterford WI.  Everything on this page is available...
    Craig A. Kohn
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  • Interactive Lab Notebooks

    Hi Folks,   Here are the resources from the Interactive Notebook Session at NAAE. Good luck! Special thanks to Christa Williamson for sharing her rubrics.
  • Trashing the old and starting over: Fundamentals

    I'm in my 12th year of teaching, 2nd year at my current school.  After an initial dip in numbers when I came to this school, I've found out that my program numbers are taking a huge jump next year (Part of this comes ...
    Chad Sickbert
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  • 4 days of sub plans

    Planning ahead to NAAE convention, I'm in search for sub plan ideas to keep the students engaged for the 4 days while I am at the convention.  Who has some great ideas?  I'm interested in anything (specific or general...
    Kurt VanDeWalle
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  • Enhancing STEM through Agricultural Mechanics

    Teachers,   Please check out the valuable and exciting new resources from Dr. Bart Gill (Western Illinois University) and Dr. Chris Haynes (University of Wyoming)!   Included in the materials provided are 3 individu...
    Kate Shoulders
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  • Continued - Enhancing STEM through Ag. Mech

    Please see previous post - this is the third stack of attachments to go with the Ag. Mech lessons.
    Kate Shoulders
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  • Continued - Enhancing STEM through Ag. Mech

    Please see the previous post - this post provides additional attachments.
    Kate Shoulders
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  • Understanding Science: How Science Really Works

    Agriculture Teachers,   I would like to share the following website with you: http://undsci.berkeley.edu/index.php   Anyone who takes a course from me or attends one of my workshops quickly learns how much I love th...
    Kate Shoulders
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  • Science Integration - From the Eyes of State Supervisors

    Check out the presentation  at the link below created for you by North Carolina State University. Entitled "The Status of Science Integration into Agricultural Education According to State Supervisors: Twenty-five Yea...
    Kate Shoulders
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  • Project based learning

    My school will be spending a week after the holiday vacation on 'project based learning' and was wondering if other schools have done this before.  If so, what types of projects did the students become engaged in?
    Brad Taylor
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  • Department Refrigerator/Freezers

    Hi - we are looking at purchasing a refrigerator for my department. The district has this thing about personal refrigerators and so my director suggested a Scientific Fridge - do any of you use one of those? Any ideas...
    Annette Weeks
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  • Supplies for the Classroom

    Good morning everyone and happy end of the year!! I wanted to pick everyone's brains in regards to items you have purchased in the past 1-2 years for your classroom that you have felt were great additions to your clas...
    John Daniels
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  • online review resource

    I great online review resource I recently discovered is Quizizz.  Check it out at http://quizizz.com/
    Cathy Berrier
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  • Three 3's in a Row activity.docx

    Attached is a review activity.  This would be a great "filler" if you needed an extra assignment at the end of the period.
    Cathy Berrier
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  • Think Tac Toe ANS 1.docx

    Sub Choice Board created for an introductory Animal Science class
    Cathy Berrier
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