Alan Green

Introductory Episode - The Power of Connections / Transcript

Blog Post created by Alan Green on Jun 29, 2020


Alan Green: 


A connection; a relationship in which a person is linked or associated with someone else. For us agricultural educators, connections are the building blocks to a great culture, and building loyalty in our profession. No matter how long you’ve been in the classroom, we as agricultural educators use the connections we have every single day; from working with students to collaborating with other educators and administrators to strengthen ourselves as professionals and grow our programs.


Connections are powerful, and that’s exactly why we’re here. It is my privilege to welcome to Connect, a podcast by the National Association of Agricultural Educators. Connect is a podcast for current and future agricultural educators, and works to educate listeners about NAAE resources, inform them of new and innovative practices, and connect current and future agricultural educators and supporters.


I’m your host Alan Green, and I’m an agricultural educator from the thumb of Michigan. During each episode we’ll be connecting with agricultural educators and supporters across the country as we share resources and connections that are important to you as agricultural educators. We’ll be having discussions about the latest classroom ideas, teacher wellness and work life balance, NAAE resources - and everywhere in between. So whether you’ve been teaching for 30 days or 30 years, welcome to Connect, a podcast by the National Association of Agricultural Educators, We are excited that you are here, so let’s get started.