• How to Make Learning FFA FUN!?... I'm loosing them!

    Hello!   I'm a new teacher this year in a very small school.  I'm having trouble with my freshman Ag 1 students.  In the course description, which was created before I was hired, it states that the majority of the cl...
    Bridget Mahoney
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  • Intro to FFA units

    Would anyone be willing to share their FFA unit? Pieces and parts welcome.   I'm a first-year teacher, and I started half-way through the school year. The freshmen haven't had any exposure to FFA yet, and this is som...
    Rose Hartschuh
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  • Teaching aids...

    Hi Fellow Educators!   I am currently an agriculture education major at OSU.  As a final project for our lab pedagogy class we need to construct a teaching aid or demonstration.  Some of the examples in class were el...
    Meghan McHenry
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  • Help: First year Ohio Teacher

    Hi all! I am in my first year of teaching, exciting and nervous. I will be teaching Animal and Plant Science, Livestock Selection, Nutrition and Management, AFNR, and 8th grade Ag. I was hoping I could find some guida...
    Emily Overs
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  • Interest approaches

    Is anyone willing to share some unique interest approach ideas? I seem to struggle with coming up with fun ways to introduce lessons. Any topics welcome! Thanks.
    Rose Hartschuh
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  • What do you wish you had known as a first year teacher?

    I am a pre-service teacher graduating in Agriculture Education next year. I see some of the student teachers and beginning teachers struggling and it makes me nervous! What do you wish you had known as a first year te...
    Cassie Joiner
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  • I am needing help with course curriculum.

    I was newly hired as the new high school agriculture teacher/FFA advisor starting this fall. I am teaching a total of five agriculture courses. I am teaching at two different high schools, and I am traveling between t...
    Shannon Witty
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  • Intro to Agriculture Curriculum

    Hi! I am a first year teacher in Idaho. I have a freshman class that is called Intro to Agriculture. I'm a little lost as to what to teach. Next semester will be dedicated to livestock, so I don't want to teach any br...
    Stephanie Whipple
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  • Stained glass window with agates? Any one have ideas / instructions

    I have a student who wants to do this for a project and I have no idea where to begin!
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  • Teaching in Nebraska...?

    I am just about to start my career and for some reason working and living in Nebraska seems appealing to me. I have never been there or know much about it. So I am wondering if you can give me some pros and cons of te...
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  • Curriculum Maps

    Hello,   I have been asked to create a curriculum map for my Intro to Ag class. I was wondering if anyone had a sample curriculum map that I could look at or any advice? Thanks!   -Aggie
    Lacey Roe
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  • Ag Lesson for Preschool aged kids?

    Hey Everybody!   I'm looking into doing a lesson plan with young kids at a local YMCA. It's not planned yet but I wanted to teach them a little introduction to agriculture, but not sure what! I was thinking a fun les...
    Stacia Gouger
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  • Modern Marvels Worksheets

    Does anybody have any Modern Marvels worksheets created or where I could find them? I am looking for the Renewable Energy worksheet.   Thanks!
    Christina Bissey
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  • New Ag. Sales and Marketing Class

    Hi,   I am teaching and Ag. Sales and Marketing class this semester. Does anyone have any fun ways that you teach your students about cover letters and resumes? I'm worried about losing my students' interest. I'm sur...
    Amanda Hack
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  • Greenhouse Sales

    Anyone have good advice on how to effectively advertise a greenhouse sales event.  I am in West Branch which is not far from Iowa City but smaller town.  How can I be creative to get the word out about the sale to not...
    Tonia Prombo
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  • give some advice for a soon to be Ag. Teacher

    This I my last summer before I graduate and I am trying to make the most of it. I have to work but I was want to do somethings to build my resume or make me more competitive. Any suggestions? I am going to do some SAE...
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  • FFA Around the Clock

    Hi I am a new teacher and I am teaching my FFA Unit soon. I have heard of a game called "FFA Around the Clock" and I can't seem to find it any where. I can't even remember how it's done, all I know is that students lo...
    Stephanie Whipple
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  • Never taught forestry before.

    I Am a first year teacher, and I have ben ever taught forestry management before. It is my very first class and other than reading standees I don't know where to start with building the curriculum. Any advice or help ...
    Amber Harcrow
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  • And how did you find out about that?

    Soon to be new teacher here (fingers crossed) and was wondering what publications I should have subscriptions to whether its via mail or email. This would be extremely helpful so that I could stay as informed as possi...
    Jenna Cardinal
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  • Reaching students who don't want to be in class

    I am a first year teacher who is taking over a program that has been on a down hill slide for the past five years.  I am the third teacher at the school in the past five years.  I have a class of freshman and sophomor...
    Jessalyn Schrock
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