• Just in case you didn't know!

    Good Day!   I just wanted to let you all know that there is a great resource of lessons out there.  Last year I created a user friendly website of over 400 lessons from ag teachers across the US.  I encourage you to ...
    Ellen Thompson
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  • Curriculum Comparison

    Hello, I am looking for some feedback on some curriculum resources. I am looking into investing in either the iCEV, AgEdNet.com or MyCaert curriculum and would like to hear from anyone who has some insight on these re...
    Lindy Cruise
    created by Lindy Cruise
  • New Teacher Questions & Answers

    Tomorrow I start my 34th year of teaching Agriculture at Penn High School in Mishawaka, IN.  About 90% of those years I have loved and still treasure!  I've told thousands of students and adults that I have the best j...
    Mel Lenig
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  • Keeping it hands on

    I have recently realized that my classes are mostly note and test based. How can make each day hands on and still get through the materials? My students tell me they write more notes than any other class! Help I am no...
    Shyanne Ovard
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  • Quick Ideas for a Sub- Out with the Flu

    I should've known to be prepared for the flu as a first year teacher, but I wasn't.   All 3 of my classes tested on the unit they were currently studying last Thursday. The plan was to start a new unit on Friday, but...
    Whitney Moore
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  • Interview Questions

    I am a student teacher this semester and was wondering if any new (or more experienced) teachers had examples of interview questions you were asked when applying for an ag ed position. I'm looking for examples of more...
    Jaysa Fillmore
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  • Ag Videos

    I am a new teacher in a new program and I was wondering where is a good resource to get Ag related videos?  I realized this is open ended, but I have none!  I thinkd it would be nice to have a selection of videos/dvds...
    Joey Blackburn
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  • More Open Postions in Florida

    http://www.flaffa.org/category/teaching-position/   Follow the link above to check out the positions we have open across the state.
    Amy McAllister
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  • Interview Questions & Answers

    I have my first interview on Thursday for an Agriculture Teacher. I majored in Agriculture business and chose to get my alternative certification in Ag Science. So I don't have any student teaching experience. I am a...
    Kaitlyn Stokes
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  • Florida Open Teacher Positions

    http://www.flaffa.org/category/teaching-position/http://www.flaffa.org/category/teaching-position/   Please visit the link above on our Florida FFA website to view all of the currently open teaching positions in Flor...
    Amy McAllister
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  • Organization for a new teacher

    Hey everyone I am currently a first year teacher at the middle school level in the state of Florida and am having a hard time getting my time management under control and being able to have a life again. How do you pl...
    Alyssa Bernfeld
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  • New teacher needing advice about State Convention

    Good afternoon! I'm a new teacher starting a new agricultural program and I am not faced with a task of getting members to State Convention. Is there any advice on where funding can be pulled from? What to expect whil...
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  • New Teacher needs advice....

    Hello everyone, I am a first year teacher in Ohio, I am having some time management issues as I have six different all year courses that I teach every day!! I feel like I spend all of my free time working trying to c...
    Lindsey Whetstone
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  • Been going back through the posts in here.

    And wanted to say thanks, it's good advice.  I still hate being a first year teacher 9 yrs post grad.  But teaching bio 1 yr did not prep me for Ag, except I learned tons of what not to do for classroom mgmt, I think....
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • New Ag Teacher

    I was hired 2 weeks before school started.  Taught one year bio 9 years ago.  Then worked as an agronomist and a few other jobs.   School wants FFA, but no stipend, if I get 15 kids in SAE I will get 20 days extended...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • New Teacher

    I am a new teacher just starting out, could anyone give me some good practical advice on how to become a succesful teacher.
    Ken Lym
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  • Sub Plans

    Does anyone have any sub plans that could be used while at state convention?  At this point in the year a majority of my classes are in the shop, and without me here they are not allowed in there.  Any ideas for 2 day...
    Ross Hastert
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  • Asking for Donations

    Does anyone have a letter they have written asking for donations for their chapter?  We have decided to have a silent auction to raise money for our chapter at our annual banquet.  We have found that a lot of business...
    Bridget Mahoney
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  • New Teachers & Student Teachers - Host Your Lesson Plans Here

    This quick message is for all new ag teachers and current student teachers:   I hope you will consider hosting your lesson plans on my website - Ideas 4 Ag Ed. Several student teachers have sent me their lesson plans...
  • Student teaching and in need

    I am currently student teaching and having a rough start. I just dont feel like I know enough to be able to teach the content right. Most of my students seem to be more knowledgeable than I do so far, especially in th...
    Krista Carlson
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