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Becky Haddad
Thanks to everyone who attended this workshop at NAAE!  Special Education (SPED) accommodations can be overwhelming, but Ag Ed is uniquely positioned to serve students with IEPs.  Effectively serve this population in your classroom with some general modifications to manage the caseload and management system to keep it all straight!  Definitely… (Show more)
Dustin Perry
Dustin Perry uploaded 1 files3 months ago
Jessie Lumpkins
Thanks to those who attended our workshop on classroom design! We enjoyed the discussions that came from our rotations.  Here's the link to our presentation - Put Down the Hot Glue Gun and Back Away from the Bulletin Board - Google Slides  If anyone that attended ends up implementing a new idea we discussed, please post it or tweet us, we'd love… (Show more)
Alissa Smith
Hi all!  Thanks for visiting!  This page is designed to house the resources shared during workshops at the NAAE Convention.  Please remember to always give credit to the person who has created and shared with you and to take the time to show your gratitude as well!