• Middle School Greenhouse Activity/Lab

    Does anyone have any middle school green house activities or labs you do?
    Marty Nowak
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  • Wish List for Middle School Supplies

    My principal asked me to make a wish list for Perkins funding. I have a pretty good amount of woodworking equipment - drills, mini lathes, etc. However, my other units are lacking hands-on opportunities. I did purchas...
    Dani Hodges
    created by Dani Hodges
  • 8th Grade Semester Long Curriculum?

    When I was hired this year, 8th grade was an expiremental one year class, which I have been creating as I go. Good news! I heard today that I will have 3 periods of 8th grade as a semester class (a total of 6-8th grad...
    Robin McLean
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  • Middle School CTE Post-Test

    Does anyone have an end of semester review for the CTE post-test for middle school agriculture?  I have not been able to find any resources in SchoolNet. 
    Elizabeth Hamm
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  • Middle School FFA Units

    I am interested in the breakdown of how you share FFA with your middle school students across grade levels? I want to know what do you teach to 6th grade vs. 7th  and 8th? I have all three grade levels, and each grade...
    Dani Gaulden
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  • How can we strengthen middle school community?

    With a new and improved COP experience, how can the middle school community best serve your needs?
    Robin McLean
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  • Schedule for Middle School

    Our middle school has had a different schedule for at least the past 7 years. We currently have a 6 period a day schedule, with 8th graders getting instruction for 54 minutes, and 6th and 7th grade instructional time ...
    Dani Gaulden
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  • Middle school independent lesson for a week

    Hello, I am  a first year teacher with two schools.  Next week we will be starting testing so I will not be at the middle school.  I really need some help finding something that they can do independently and for the ...
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  • Middle School Ag

    This year I will have a combined class of 7th and 8th grade students for a semester.  For the past 5 years I have only had 8th grade (all students) for 1 quarter.  With it being a mixed class the 7th grade students I ...
    Matt Bax
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  • Middle School Officer Books

    I am teaching middle school and would like to incorporate officer books next year. I have never seen an example of officer books(Treasurer, Reporter, and Secretary) and would love to hear/see what works well for other...
    Christina Sanders
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  • Running out of gas....

    I currently have two middle school classes being offered, each with around 30 8th graders. I have them period 9 of the day, which is the end. By this point, they are itching to get out of school, don't want to be ther...
    Jeremy Ryan
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  • 8th grade Entomology unit

    Anyone have one they are willing to share?  I just need ~ a weeks worth.  I did a thing on metamorphosis & panty hose when I student taught so will def be getting that out again.    I have mycaert.... but the left i...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • 5th graders...?

    I got placed with a 5th grade ag class at the middle school this year... I have them every other day alternating with 8th graders and am running out of ideas and everything else. Any suggestions would be greatly appre...
    Jeremy Ryan
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  • Help with a non-verbal student

    I have a junior high male student who is in my junior high exploring ag class. He is non-verbal other than a noise that sounds like a yes or a no depending on his answer to your questions. He is at a very low ability....
    Amanda Mullins
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  • Groups VS. Individual work ?

    What do you prefer and why?  I'm going to have my 7th graders create an iMovie next week and am debating.   If you do groups and you choose, how do you choose.... with my low functioning 8th grade class, we drew car...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • Middle School SAEs

    As more middle school programs are developed around the country, what role should SAEs play in a middle school curriculum? For those who teach middle school now, how do you manage SAEs and to what degree are they util...
    Katy Mumaw
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  • Need creative idea to get students to quit interrupting.

    Me, each other, all at once, you name it.  I cannot wait for this rotation of 7th graders to be done with.  Most are great kids but.......    It's a constant fight to get through anything.  I've moved them around th...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • Sub plans 8th grade for plant unit for thurs-fri of convention?

    I don't have any really good videos......any suggestions.  This is a fun class, but low level.  Any suggestions? Please!
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • Career Explorer

    I am teaching an 8th grade exploratory agriculture class and we just started our careers project. About half way through the week, the FFA.org Career Explorer started requiring a login to see the information on the we...
    Rick Bierbrauer
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  • Introducing FFA to 7th Graders

    Hello all I am teaching 7th graders for the first time and only have them for a 9 weeks. I have decided that I am going to keep Fridays for FFA and careers. I am looking for ideas to introduce FFA to them this Friday....
    Amanda Mullins
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