• Simple leaf collections for 8th graders

    I want to have my 8th graders do a leaf collection.... but I've never done one......   What type of paper How many leaves would be reasonable (we will be able to collect a few during school)  I was thinking between ...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • Middle School Officer Applications

    I am looking for an middle school officer application. Does anyone have a good one, I could use as a guide or use?   Thanks Alicia
    Alicia LePage-Schmidt
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  • Careers in Agriculture Resources

    Careers in Agricultural Exploration - 8th Grade - Google Docs   Budgeting Assignment - 8th Grade - Google Docs
    Tori Avvenire
    created by Tori Avvenire
  • Middle School/Junior High Students Showing Livestock

    I moved to a school last year that is one of about 10 approved middle school programs in Colorado. I have the entire middle school once a week, and our state decided last year to allow middle school students to be ful...
    William Nelson
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  • Middle School Wood project

    I am a first year teacher and looking for something inexpensive and quick to do with my 6th, 7th  and 8th grade students before the end of the nine weeks.   I have a large shop but have never taught any wood working ...
    Ashley Young
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  • 8th grade Shop Projects/ ideas needed

    I'm teaching 8th graders for the 1st time this fall and the class will be on Trimesters. I'm looking for ideas and plans for shop projects that would fit the skill levels of 8th graders. Please share if your willing  ...
    Nate Thompson
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  • 8th Grade Recruitment Presentation

    Hello All! I'm a new teacher at an Ag program in Illinois that is split between 2 schools. Right now numbers are waning and I would love to boost interest in Ag classes and FFA membership to the point where both schoo...
    Amanda McClure
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  • Activities to do with my Middle School FFA/Ag club.

    I started a middle school FFA this year. I am looking for activities to do with this kids during our "club" time once a month for 30 minutes. If anyone has any ideas, I would love it!! THANKS Alicia
    Alicia LePage-Schmidt
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  • Very general lesson on technology for 8th graders?

    Anyone have one?  I have tons of specific lessons on biotech or prec ag, but nothing general.  My 8th graders do an invention lab, that they love, but I want to have a better foundation for them.  Something that talks...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • Middle School FFA chapter?? We need you!

    Hello there! My name is April Davis, and I am the Agriculture teacher and FFA Advisor at West Jackson Middle School in Jefferson, Georgia. Our FFA chapter has developed this idea for learning about other middle school...
    April Davis
    created by April Davis
  • Middle School FFA Chapter help!

    I am the FFA advisor at the George-Little Rock CSD. I will be teaching a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade exploratory class. What I would also love to do is start a Middle School FFA Chapter, with that being said I was wonderi...
    Josh Rockhill
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  • Welcome to the New Middle School Teachers - Resources to get started

    Today, I received an email from an old friend who was joining the ranks of middle school teachers.  After composing a reply to her, I figured why not share some good resources to get ideas for middle school lessons he...
    Robin McLean
    created by Robin McLean
  • Middle School Curriculum Help

    I am completing my third year teaching agriculture, but my first year teaching Middle School Agriscience as an exploratory. My resources are low, and I'm in charge of two programs at two local schools. I've become ver...
    Mary Katherine
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  • Pothos Propagation Lab

    I had a request for my pothos activity, so use what you want as you need it. It is important to have a good stock plant. I had one growing at home that was my initial stock plant and over the years I have made sure to...
    Robin McLean
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  • Virginia Ag Teachers (Middle School)

    I'm starting two new Middle School programs in Virginia this year. What are some good resources you find for exploratory classes? I definitely want a hands on class, but do not have a shop. I've got a good idea of the...
    Mary Katherine
    created by Mary Katherine
  • Middle School Program Ideas

    Good Morning!   I am going to be starting two middle school programs in South Georgia next year. I am used to teaching high school and would like to hear some ideas that you do with your middle school programs. (Idea...
    Christina Sanders
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  • Discovery FFA Degree Webquest

    I recently created a webquest for my members working towards their Discovery Degree. Feel free to use if desired. http://zunal.com/webquest.php?w=226695 I wrote a cheesy blog about it too. Discovery FFA Degree ...
    Robin McLean
    created by Robin McLean
  • Junior High Exploratory

    I am in a school with almost 500 students 9-12. I get about 20 new 7th graders every 7 weeks. (They don't choose my class, I get them all, which is good to promote my program, but they aren't getting anything out of i...
    Sarah Knutson
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  • Help... need 2 days of sub activities for my 7th graders

    They are only here 47 minutes each day.  I may just show a dirty jobs one day.  They are taking istep this week so I'm not supposed to give homework or anything new.    Thanks for any help!
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • Raising butterflies?

    Anyone do this?  I thought it might be nice for my huge class of 3 8th graders.  I saw that if we do painted ladies, we could possibly get them to reproduce?  Has anyone done this?   Thanks!
    Michelle Sweeten
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