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Three Dimensional Livestock Cut-outs- 2013 Ideas Unlimited Award Winner Region IV- Amanda Ross

Blog Post created by Christi Chadwell on Nov 26, 2013

individual picture.jpgIn order to help her students visualize animal science concepts, Amanda Ross, agricultural educator at Palmyra High School in Palmyra, Mo., created large plywood cutouts of a cow, chicken, and hog. Ross used these cutouts in lessons pertaining to animal anatomy, meat identification, animal nutrition and digestion, animal reproduction, and veterinary science.


After each lesson, students make paper models of the various organs of the system being discussed and color them accordingly. They then tape the organs to the cutouts, depicting how the system would look in the animal. In animal reproduction, both sides of the cutouts are used to let students see the male and female systems at the same time.


"The three-dimensional wooden cutouts can be extremely beneficial in the classroom setting," Ross said. "Their value goes even beyond their use as a teaching aid in the fact that they add an interest and excitement to the classroom and the unit that a poster or powerpoint just cannot create."

Download the attachment below for details on creating cutouts like Amanda's.

chicken - digestive 2.JPGcow - reproductive.JPGswine - digestive.JPG


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