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D.I.Y. Classroom- 2013 Ideas Unlimited Award Winner Region V- Taylor Brown

Blog Post created by Christi Chadwell on Nov 26, 2013

IdeasUnlimited_Brown (6).jpgNot every student learns the same way. Taylor Brown, agricultural educator at East Jackson Comprehensive High School in Commerce, Ga., kept that in mind when developing her lesson plans, trying her best to meet the needs of each learner in her classroom.

To help mix things up, she developed the D.I.Y. Classroom: 30 Tools to Differentiate & Integrate Your Classroom. The 30 tools consist of numerous handouts, activities, portfolios and assessments and integrate math, science, writing, reading, social studies and art.  For instance, the FFA Tic-Tac-Toe Choice Board allows students to choose what assignments they want to do, giving them a voice and decision in their learning and increasing engagement.


Brown's D.I.Y Classroom idea grew out of tips and suggestions she collected from other teachers, which she modified to fit her own classroom and students. Her hope is that other agriculture teachers can take her tools and use them as a jumping-off point to add variety into their own programs.


"I invite agricultural educators to take my examples, modify the activities to meet their students' needs, and take a chance on trying a new approach to teaching a topic,"she said.

Click the attachment below to download Taylor's DIY Classroom handbook.

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