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Creating a Greenhouse Media Table- 2013 Ideas Unlimited Region I Winner- Joshua Evans

Blog Post created by Christi Chadwell on Nov 26, 2013

Josh Evans.jpgDuring his plant science classes, Joshua Evans, agricultural educator at Preston High School, Preston, Idaho, had trouble keeping his greenhouse tidy. Every time students would fill flower pots, the media would make a huge mess. His fix: create a media table specifically designed to keep those messes from happening all over the greenhouse floor.

Using two 55-gallon plastic barrels, plywood, and a metal mesh tabletop, Evans created a potting work table that his students could use to fill pots and bedding flats, store potting media, reduce the amount of potting media on the ground, and help speed up clean-up.

"I estimate that in the planting of over 200 flats of bedding plants and 50 twelve-inch hanging baskets, we have saved over three cubic feet of potting media," Evans said. "This is a savings of thirty dollars to the program, which is equal to three flats of flowers.  With that much soil being collected, it also increases the efficiency of clean up time at the conclusion of class.  This addition to the greenhouse program has been a great asset."


Evans' table is 4 feet wide by 4 feet long and 32 inches tall. A half-barrel is mounted at each end of the hinged tabletop.  The tabletop is framed below with angle iron, directing any dropped potting media into a barrel half that is mounted underneath like a drawer, easily sliding out so that all potting media swept off the table can be dumped back into the side-mounted media barrels. These media barrels are covered with wooden lids, allowing for more table-top workspace and closed storage of the potting media.


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