Sabrina Hounshell

Incorporating Technology in Curriculum with Geocaching- 2011 Region IV Ideas Unlimited Award Winner- Lindy Holt

Blog Post created by Sabrina Hounshell on Aug 31, 2012

Lindy Holt of Oregon, Missouri is an agriculture teacher at South Holt High School. Looking for a way to incorporate technology into her curriculum she shared her hobby of Geocaching with her students.  Holt describes Geocaching as a treasure hunt using Global Positioning System (GPS) devices. Holt hides items on the school grounds, then teaches her students how to use Geocaching and the GPS devices to find the items as teams. Along with tracking hidden items throughout the surrounding school grounds each day, students research Geocaching using the Internet to practice recording longitude and latitude readings.  Prizes are awarded to teams who complete their campus treasure hunt.

See the attached documents for details on how to implement Lindy Holt’s award-winning idea into your own program.