• Solution for Students not motivated to complete their notes

    I am trying different teqnhiques to give students an immediate benefit for taking notes in class.  So at the beginning of this unit,  I told the class that any notes in their own hand writing can be used on the next t...
    Megan H Cooper
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  • Ag Rubrics

    Does anyone have a good website with templates for writing rubrics and/or rubrics that are already writen for the agriscience subjects we teach?
    Felix Landry Jr
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  • Do you use an end of program/graduate survey?

    I am looking for a survey that I can send to our graduates, if you have one that you use, would you post it or send it to me? Thanks! Carole carole.fay@pennmanor.net
    Carole Fay
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  • Ag Business Class- Unmotivated Students

    We are almost done with 3rd quarter and my Ag Business class (3 students) is losing motivation! I am in need of ideas for projects to give to them to make things more applicable and interesting for them. They are sick...
    Michele Wagner
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  • Agriculture Issues

    I am new teacher and have a new class next semester called Agriculture Issues. I know there are a ton of examples I can use online however, I was wondering if anyone has taught a class like this before? If you have ar...
    Michele Wagner
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  • Small Classes

    We are starting a new semester on Friday this week. I was looking at my enrollment for the classes and I have some that are very small enrollment. Wondering if someone has suggestions/ideas on what to do with small cl...
    Michele Wagner
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  • 10th Edition Agtivities Book

    The 10th Edition of the Agtivities book created by Natasha Mortenson and Ellen Thompson is attached.  The book contains engagement strategies and classroom management tips.  Please use and distribute.  The pdf and wor...
    Ellen Thompson
    created by Ellen Thompson
  • Discipline- Student and Parent problems.

    I am looking for ideas on dealing with rude students who tries to undermine me on a daily basis. I am sure it is because I am the first woman agriculture teacher the school has ever had and I am not the agriculture te...
    Meghan Peterson
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  • Looking for Spanish help for a Livestock class

    Here is a first for me. I have a Spanish speaking foreign exchange student from South America in my Livestock class. The student does not have a great grasp on English so school in the US has been a big transition. My...
    Jason Cutler
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  • syllabus

    I am starting my first year of teaching and need help getting the basic started. If anyone is willing to post a basic syllabus and classroom procedure or anything else that might be helpful that way I have some basics...
    Jennie Goffe
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  • Student notebooks

    How do you help students organize their class notebooks? What do they include in the notebooks?   Grading rubrics greatly appreciated!   Thanks, Rose
    Rose Hartschuh
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  • Students copying assignments

    I've been having students turn in their study guides on edmodo.  However they are just sharing one file, then no one really studies.  I told them this time if they didn't do their own work that they would recieve 5 pt...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • Combined Middle and High School Class

    This year, I have a bit of a strange schedule. The way it falls, every Friday my 6th period HS Forestry class is combined with my teaching partner's Middle School class. We are on a modified block schedule in which Th...
    Michael Atkinson
    created by Michael Atkinson
  • Finals schedule??

    My school has a weird finals schedule.    On Tuesday only 1 class has its finals, students still go to other classes, then Wednes 1, 3, 7 periods have finals, still have other classes, slightly shortened.  Thursday ...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • Agtivity Book 9th Edition

    Attached is the 9th Edition of the Agtivity Book that Natasha Mortenson and I have created.  It will be the reference guide for our two workshops at NAAE Convention next week.  Please share with others.  It contains 9...
    Ellen Thompson
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  • Ideas 4 Ag Ed Give Away

    , Real short and sweet update. There were no submissions for this week, which is okay. And, with this being Thanksgiving week, I won't ask for any until the following week. I know we are all looking forward to a few d...
  • How do you grade student participation?

    For a teacher who has 80% of each students' grade dedicated to participation, I should already have this figured out! But, I don't...or at least, not any more. On the advice of my colleagues, I started the year gradin...
    Clarissa Lewis
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  • Organizing in the classroom

    Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this.    I am curious as to how you store your lessons.... binders or file folders?  Or something else.  I'm leary of not having paper copies......but haven't figured out how ...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • Does anyone have a parent orientation manual for new FFA parents?

    I have a 1st year FFA member's parent that would like a manual that covers all the FFA events, opportunites and activities available in the FFA on the local, state and national level. I have given her the state assoca...
    Malisa Niles
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  • Website to help with desk arrangements - almost any class size/setup

    My desk setup is more of a problem that I would have expected due to the small size of my classroom. I'm looking forward to going through this website to see if there are some better options!   Classroom Desk Arrange...
    Jessie Lumpkins
    created by Jessie Lumpkins