• Cell Phone Controversy

    I am considering doing something similar to the photo attached next year. I found it on Pinterest and thought it was genius idea and a way to keep cell phone distractions to a minimum in a classroom. Basically if the ...
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  • Shop and Tools

    Hello everyone, I need some advise here. I am at a very small school my. The shop tools are old and there are few of them, basically one of each tool. I am a second year teacher here and I am glad to help the other t...
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  • When to take Freshmen into the shop?

    I have a mixed class of freshmen and sophomores in my Ag I/Ag II.  This in itself is an issue but right now I am struggling with my freshmen who want to go into the shop but can't be trusted in the classroom, let alon...
    Jessalyn Schrock
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  • The Difficult Kids

    I wish I had a nickel for every time someone at my school told me good luck with that kid. I seem to be a magnet for those (usually Juniors and Seniors) who don't want to do ANYTHING. They will not take notes, do proj...
    Amber Harcrow
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  • Student Teacher Needs help for Introduction to Specialty Animals.

    Hello All,   I am a new student teacher looking for ideas for my second day of class in Specialty Animal Science. The first day I will be focusing on classroom expectations and getting to know each other but would l...
    Mackenzie Clague
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  • Beginning of school activities

    I traditionally do an Ag Dept Scavenger Hunt 1st or 2nd day of school. I want to change it up a little this year. Ant suggestions on start of school fun activities? Thanks Henry
    Henry Paris
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  • Infinite Campus

    We just started using Infinite Campus this year.  I tried accessing it from my Samsung Tablet and it won't allow me to add grades due to missing a Java Plug-in.  My tech guy says that you cant run Java on tablets.  Lo...
    Chad Massar
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  • Solution for Students not motivated to complete their notes

    I am trying different teqnhiques to give students an immediate benefit for taking notes in class.  So at the beginning of this unit,  I told the class that any notes in their own hand writing can be used on the next t...
    Megan H Cooper
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  • Ag Rubrics

    Does anyone have a good website with templates for writing rubrics and/or rubrics that are already writen for the agriscience subjects we teach?
    Felix Landry Jr
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  • Do you use an end of program/graduate survey?

    I am looking for a survey that I can send to our graduates, if you have one that you use, would you post it or send it to me? Thanks! Carole carole.fay@pennmanor.net
    Carole Fay
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  • Ag Business Class- Unmotivated Students

    We are almost done with 3rd quarter and my Ag Business class (3 students) is losing motivation! I am in need of ideas for projects to give to them to make things more applicable and interesting for them. They are sick...
    Michele Wagner
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  • Agriculture Issues

    I am new teacher and have a new class next semester called Agriculture Issues. I know there are a ton of examples I can use online however, I was wondering if anyone has taught a class like this before? If you have ar...
    Michele Wagner
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  • Small Classes

    We are starting a new semester on Friday this week. I was looking at my enrollment for the classes and I have some that are very small enrollment. Wondering if someone has suggestions/ideas on what to do with small cl...
    Michele Wagner
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  • Discipline- Student and Parent problems.

    I am looking for ideas on dealing with rude students who tries to undermine me on a daily basis. I am sure it is because I am the first woman agriculture teacher the school has ever had and I am not the agriculture te...
    Meghan Peterson
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  • Looking for Spanish help for a Livestock class

    Here is a first for me. I have a Spanish speaking foreign exchange student from South America in my Livestock class. The student does not have a great grasp on English so school in the US has been a big transition. My...
    Jason Cutler
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  • syllabus

    I am starting my first year of teaching and need help getting the basic started. If anyone is willing to post a basic syllabus and classroom procedure or anything else that might be helpful that way I have some basics...
    Jennie Goffe
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  • Student notebooks

    How do you help students organize their class notebooks? What do they include in the notebooks?   Grading rubrics greatly appreciated!   Thanks, Rose
    Rose Hartschuh
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  • Students copying assignments

    I've been having students turn in their study guides on edmodo.  However they are just sharing one file, then no one really studies.  I told them this time if they didn't do their own work that they would recieve 5 pt...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • Combined Middle and High School Class

    This year, I have a bit of a strange schedule. The way it falls, every Friday my 6th period HS Forestry class is combined with my teaching partner's Middle School class. We are on a modified block schedule in which Th...
    Michael Atkinson
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  • Finals schedule??

    My school has a weird finals schedule.    On Tuesday only 1 class has its finals, students still go to other classes, then Wednes 1, 3, 7 periods have finals, still have other classes, slightly shortened.  Thursday ...
    Michelle Sweeten
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