• Ice Breakers for First Day

    Does anyone have any ideas or activities that would be a great introduction/ice breaker to class on the first day? This will be my first year teaching and I want this lesson to be fun for everyone!
    Karen Roudabush
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  • Classroom Swearing

    I was wondering if anyone else had issues with their junior and senior students swearing or talking about inappropriate things (drugs, alcohol, etc).  I have seen some teachers use a swear jar, but I think they would ...
    Brittany Sheckler
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  • New Class Ideas

    After speaking with my administration, I have been given a chance to offer a new science based class.  We have decided that our school science teachers cover the biological sciences very well.  We would like to offer ...
    Dan Witten
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  • Does anyone have good luck with student binders?

    I have tried the past 2 years to use student binders, but they seem to be unsuccessful and are just to "keep" items and not use them for studying/creating a portfolio, which is how I would prefer them to be used. I'm ...
    Christie Joehl
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  • Reward Systems

    Does anyone have any rewards systems that are successful within your classroom?  I have too many unmotivated students and I have considered a reward system as an option but I'm not sure how well I would keep up with i...
    Heather Hill
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  • Ag Classroom Design

    Was curious if anyone could share some classroom design tips and tricks.  I have a shop room that is our Ag room and its been a bit difficult to set up effectively.  If anyone could share some ideas on effective class...
    Trevor Williams
    created by Trevor Williams
  • Must HAVE equipment

    What are your must have pieces of equipment or tools for teaching in the classroom. Any type of kits that you like? Just trying to get feedback. Thanks!
    Amy Grantz
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  • Students Keeping Their Trip Commitments

    Hello, This year I have had some great students go through my FFA program. However, one area that we need to improve on is the students keeping their commitments to trips. For example, I will have many students sign ...
    Kim Hill
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  • Intro to Agriculture Class

    So to make a long story short I have an Intro to Agriculture Class that only has two students. Both are pretty quiet so it's been kind of a boring semester so far since there isn't much discussion and activities are k...
    Calandria Jarboe
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  • What does discipline LOOK like?

    Maybe it's my positive upbeat nature, perhaps my soft voice, then again it could also be I don't know what discipline looks like. Honestly, I wasn't a perfect angel, but I don't recall ever having serious discussions ...
    Jessica Froelich
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  • Defiant Student

    I am a first-year, fresh-out-of-college, female, agriculture teacher. I teach an 8th Grade exploratory class where I have one half of the class for the first semester and the second half the second semester.   I hav...
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  • Request info. for classroom management for ag. class and lab

    I would like information related to the management of class and lab activities for ag. teachers.  What activities/methods are available to help younger and/or less experienced teachers to improve their management abil...
    Jeffrey L. Wilt
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  • 10th Edition Agtivities Book

    The 10th Edition of the Agtivities book created by Natasha Mortenson and Ellen Thompson is attached.  The book contains engagement strategies and classroom management tips.  Please use and distribute.  The pdf and wor...
    Ellen Thompson
    created by Ellen Thompson
  • Agtivity Book 9th Edition

    Attached is the 9th Edition of the Agtivity Book that Natasha Mortenson and I have created.  It will be the reference guide for our two workshops at NAAE Convention next week.  Please share with others.  It contains 9...
    Ellen Thompson
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  • Ideas 4 Ag Ed Give Away

    , Real short and sweet update. There were no submissions for this week, which is okay. And, with this being Thanksgiving week, I won't ask for any until the following week. I know we are all looking forward to a few d...
  • Organizing in the classroom

    Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this.    I am curious as to how you store your lessons.... binders or file folders?  Or something else.  I'm leary of not having paper copies......but haven't figured out how ...
    Michelle Sweeten
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  • Website to help with desk arrangements - almost any class size/setup

    My desk setup is more of a problem that I would have expected due to the small size of my classroom. I'm looking forward to going through this website to see if there are some better options!   Classroom Desk Arrange...
    Jessie Lumpkins
    created by Jessie Lumpkins
  • Agtivity and Classroom Management Handbook Updated-Natasha and Ellen

    This is the most recent version with the supplemental documents included.   One thing Natasha and I did not stress enough during our workshop is to implement these strategies with caution.  In that not to try them al...
    Ellen Thompson
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  • Teacher Toolbox Resources

    If you have any questions, please let me know!
    Laura Hasselquist
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  • Teacher Toolbox Graphic Organizers/Resources

    Here are the blank templates. . .feel free to modify as needed.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Laura Hasselquist
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