• Interactive Tools to Increase Student Engagement

    Great free interactive tools to create quizzes, polls, tests, reviews, etc. to increase student engagement in the classroom:   Learning tools & flashcards, for free | Quizlet Plickers Quizizz: Fun Multiplayer C...
    Scott Fairfield
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  • Ice Breakers to get started- M&Ms

    In need of an activity to do the first day or two to get to know your kids? Use M&Ms and make everyone happy!
    Farrah Johnson
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  • Fun ice-breakers to get you started

    These may require a bit of planning but neat ideas to get your students talking and sharing...
    Farrah Johnson
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  • all about me

    This is something I do with all of my students (8-12th grades) every year, and they enjoy it. I typically do it on the first day of school as an icebreaker. I take a picture of the student with a digital camera, print...
    Katee McSpadden
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  • See Me After Class Cards

    I stole this idea from my high school ag teacher.. FYI...   The purpose of see me after class cards is whatever you make it. You can use them as positives or negatives. I use them for both.   Anytime I have somethin...
    Katee McSpadden
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  • tardy letter

    We have the sweep policy in my school, but students are sent back to class after 10 minutes and recieve an absence for the day in that class. As an accountability notice for my students, they are required to fill out ...
    Katee McSpadden
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  • behavior contract

    we all have the student who drives us up the wall, makes our blood curl, makes us think about the "come to jesus talk", and so on   I have come up with a behavior contract that I begin using when the student first ac...
    Katee McSpadden
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  • $10,000 Pyramid Review Game

    Great review game.
    Julie Fritsch
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  • lesson plan format

    my district doesn't require a specific  lesson plan format, but I really like this one as we were required to use it in college and it is pretty turn key. feel free to use it, I know I do!
    Katee McSpadden
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  • Activity Time Management Tool

    A super easy, and simple, way to manage students is to provide clear time expectations.  I just found a giant online countdown/stopwatch you can use to put on a computer screen/projector to give students a clear idea ...
    Wes Crawford
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  • Delta Conference 2009 - Create An Engaging Classroom!

      Greetings!   CEV Multimedia, Tarleton State University and the National FFA Organization are proud to announce Delta Conference 2009.  This five-day national professional development conference focuses on the agricu...
    Kyle McGregor
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  • Special Ed/Parent Meeting Attendance 101

    Have you ever wondered what to say during special ed/504/IEP meetings with parents, students, and special ed teachers or even what to bring? This easy to use step by step account will make the process less imtimidatin...
    Ellen Thompson
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  • Activities to Excite Your Classroom!

    Want to spice up an old lesson or just try something new? Are you looking for a way to get students motivated and excited? You will find great ideas that are super simple to implement into your classroom today that ta...
    Chris Canjar
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  • Resources for Engaging Classroom Activities

    Welcome to our Resource page for Engaging Classroom Activities. I hope you find useful information here, and I hope you will add some great resources you use in your classroom! To add your resources, click "edit this ...