• New Tech

    Our school will be adopting a new type of system for school called New Tech.  I was wondering if any other agriculture teachers had dealt with that and also if you could tell me some of the things you have encountered...
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  • How does NAAE compare to NEA?

    I attended a workshop yesterday that focused on marketing our profession and professional organization.  We had some discussion on why some of our state's teachers join our state organization and NAAE (and ACTE and ou...
    Kurt VanDeWalle
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  • Preparing to Apply for A Job

    I am working on my resume to apply for a job.  I have been teaching for two years.  This will be my third year teaching and I am applying for another teaching job.  How much of my college organization and pre-service ...
    Kala Miller
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  • Using Professional Development after the experience

    Because I am a curious cat, hoping to inspire a lively chat Please share here what you do with professional development training after the conference/ workshop. Do you actually use it or does it go on the shelf?  ...
    Robin McLean
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  • Seeking Input, Feedback, Articles - Effective Professional Development in Agricultural Education

    I am in the early phases of planning a topic for  some graduate work.  I reviewed the American Association  for Agricultural Education (AAAE) research priority areas for 2007-2010 and  saw "What are the professional d...
    Robin McLean
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  • Teacher Evaluations by students

    Does anyone have a form that your students utilize to evaluate you and/or the course they just completed.  Our school is interested in doing this and I was wondering if there was one that focused on CTE courses, speci...
    Teresa Briscoe
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