• Professional Goals & Student Learning Goals - HELP

    I am looking for examples and ideas for Professional Goals, and Student Learning/Growth Goals.  I figured we share our curriculum and FFA resources - why not this too.  Thanks for any help.
    Bibiana Gifft
    created by Bibiana Gifft
  • Flipped Classrooms

    Does anyone utilize a flipped classroom? I don't think that I will ever transition to a 100% flipped classroom style, but I am interested in hearing if it has worked for anyone in the Ag Teacher world. Thoughts?
    Megan Cook
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  • HELP with a rebuttal of Food Inc for this coming week???!!!

    Does anyone have some great presentations already developed to contradict Food Inc. One of my students had to watch it in class and she was so upset, she came to me. I asked the teacher if we could give the other side...
    Kim OByrne
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  • Slow Chat for Ag Ed on Twitter?

    I know there used to be an #agedchat of sorts on Twitter but when I did a search for it, the most recent post I found was months and months ago.  Would anyone be interested in a #slowchat on Twitter? We could have a t...
    Robin McLean
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  • Alternative Labs

    Not sure this is the right place to post but I have a question involving alternative labs.   Long story short I have a couple of freshman that have signed a safety contract saying they will be safe, no horseplay  and...
    Becky Carollo
    created by Becky Carollo
  • CASE DuPont Grants - website not working??

    I am trying to access the website for CASE Grants but am having a problem.  I keep getting a message that cookies is not turned on.  Now I have tried this from multiple computers and from computers that opened the pag...
    Melvin Phelps
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  • Looking for an Online Program

    Good Morning,   I'm currently looking for a great online Master's Program of Agricultural Education. I have looked at a few different options from the University of North Carolina and Colorado State but I don't know ...
    Josh Walker
    created by Josh Walker
  • Does anyone teach Mathematical Applications in Agriculture?

    My high school is offering a new course this year, Mathematical Applications in Agriculture, that I am teaching.  I was just wondering what resources any of you are using and what is beneficial for the students. 
    Jeffry Heffernan
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  • National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy

    I got my acceptance email the other day informing me I was chosen to attend the National Agriscience Teacher Ambassador Academy. I am going in June, I thought I would see if I could find out who else was going and may...
    Tony Loucks
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  • Sister Chapter

    I advise a chapter in the Northeast corner of Oklahoma. We are trying to build up involvement and get members to step out of their comfort zone. My officer team and I are looking to start a sister chapter or exchange ...
    Jennifer Burge
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  • BYOT thoughts

         Bring your own technology and technology in the classroom is on the uprising. How have you as an AG educator promoted the use of technology both in the classroom and in SAE and FFA? Also what are everyone's views...
    Deanna Miller
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  • Texas' AGED D. Ed at a Distance?

    Anyone have an opinion on the Texas A&M and Texas Tech joint program for D.Ed. Price? Is it a headache? Etc..?
    Michael Crim
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  • Professional Learning Communities Questions

    Our school is just a year in to our PLC work. This means, along with all of the regular school stuff, FFA activities, and new teacher challenges, I am also creating CRTs for all of my classes. I have 2 questions regar...
    Sarah Knutson
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  • Masters Degree???

    Hello All,   My name is Tyler Renz and I am currently teaching in Idaho  and am thinking about in what area to go for my masters. If any one could give me examples and or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. ...
    Tyler Renz
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  • NAAE Conference?

    Hi all!   I'm a first year teacher in Idaho, and our regional NAAE conference is coming up in April. It happens to fall the week after our State Leadership Conference, which is also the week after spring break. I'm ...
    Lindsey (Stephens) Cooley
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  • As a future educator, what is the most important issue facing agriculture teachers?

    As a future educator, what is the most important issue facing agriculture teachers?
    Ashley White
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  • Future Educator

    I am currently studying to become an agriculture educator. If you could offer any advice to a future teacher, what would it be?
    Ashlyn Cloyd
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  • What are the challenges facing CTE with the current core cirriculum standards?

    I have to write a 2 page paper for my AGED 4110 class, and I need some help coming up with new ideas concerning the common core movement and the challenges it brings to CTE.
    Chase Murray
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  • Extended Contract question

    I have been on 10 month contract since starting teaching.  At the time I agreed to a 10 month contract instead of an 11 month contract in order to help take care of the kids over the summer.  Well, the kids are now gr...
    ed olsen
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  • Does anyone use an online "dropbox" for students?

    Does anyone use an online "dropbox" for students? I will be having students write one page papers this week and would rather have them submit them online than print them out.   Thanks!
    Sara Casto
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