• Does anyone have the LTO 2015 Mark Reardon Quantum Learning notes?

    CASE Lead Teachers: at LTO 2015, Mark Reardon from Quantum Learning did some training. I have my book, but we didn't get to fill out everything. At some point, a digital copy of the notes that went with our books was ...
    Jason Cutler
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  • CASE-ASA Activity 5.1.3

    Does anyone have answers for Activity 5.1.3? Specifically the Chicken Digestive System. Maybe I am not search the correct phrase.
    Tara Fastert
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  • Working on ASA 3.2.1...

    what can I substitute for pill bugs?
    Sherrie Cleavinger
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  • Agriscience Ambassador

    I am looking into the Agriscience Ambassador program for next year.  I also am involved with taking and teaching CASE institutes so my question to fellow professionals involved with CASE is can you give me more info o...
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  • CASE on Ipad

    How can I put my CASE curriculum on my Ipad?  I would love to not have to lug home a laptop everytime I do lesson planning at home.  I am getting an apple TV in my room and would like to pull up all of the curriculum ...
    Denine Trump
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  • CASE curriculum and student teachers

    I have a student teacher in the fall and was wondering how everyone else utilize's the curriculum with a student teacher. Can she teach CASE lessons while student teaching in my classes?
    Courtney Castle
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  • Who is going to CASE this summer?

    Are you going to CASE institutes this summer?   If not, have you considered it??   Let's talk CASE!
    Matt Eddy
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  • CASE AS Question

    I work in a high poverty, 98% minority school where the students don't even own dogs much less have any experience with sheep, horses, etc. In class, I have assigned animals that I think they might have a general idea...
    Becky Carollo
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  • Newspaper write up

    I just finished two CASE Institutes this summer and would like to create a newspaper write up for the local newspaper. Does anyone have any good templates? Thanks
    Becky Carollo
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  • CASE Recommendations Needed!

    Hello, all!   I am attending TWO sessions of CASE this summer. One is AFNR and the other is Plant Science. My district is ordering a lot of materials this year to stock up for the coming years. Eventualy I'll attend ...
    Lucy Prestwood
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  • How do you store CASE materials?

    I've heard a lot of great ideas and suggestions about how to organize your CASE materials (types of containers, labels, etc.). Please share your suggestions and advice. Better yet, share a picture of your approach.
    Michael S. Retallick
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  • Notebook Apps for iPads

    Anyone else out there 1:1 with iPads? I am looking for THE BEST notebook app for my students to complete their Agriscience Notebooks on. Any help will be appreciated greatly!
    Bret Spurgin
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  • Packing for CASE training, what would be helpful to bring?

    I am about to embark on an incredible journey I have already had several helpful packing suggestions such as: a camera, safety goggles and a pair of sneakers for outdoor labs in case of rain.  What have you found hel...
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  • Where can I get the Prezi in Finals Hall during delagate session?

    At the National Convention in Finals hall during a delagate session I saw a great presentation in the Prezi format.  Is there a way I can get my hands on it or find out who has it?  I would like to encorperate it into...
    Brian Ducey
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  • Promotional Materials for CASE?

    Has anyone developed any promotional materials (i.e., brochures, fliers, etc.) that could be used to educate our stakeholders about CASE?  What can we share with school boards, school administrations, advisory boards,...
    Michael S. Retallick
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  • Texas A&M site

    The CASE curriculum has a few lessons that require the use if the Texas A&M horse judging site and the site is now $20.00 a month to use.  Is there an alternate website that CASE users can access or is there a deal th...
    Joshua Rice
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  • Project 3.1.4 Animal Welfare and Me

    For students who have selected Beef Cattle (or other animals with pre-existing Codes of Care available online) as their PMG animal, it is too easy for the students to copy and paste the Cattlemen's code of care into t...
    Seth Stoddard
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  • Call for CASE Pictures and Quotes from the Classroom

    CASE is developing new promotional materials and is looking for pictures of students in action as well as quotes from teachers, students, parents, and administrators.   Please be sure that you follow school policy fo...
    Marlene Jansen
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  • Help on 6.1.2 - Making the Nutrient Solution

    Can anyone help me find the directions for the making the nutrient solution for Activity 6.1.2 Detecting Nutrient Problems? I am confused on how to make the the nutrient solution for the Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Pota...
    Patricia Thorne
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  • Does anyone have a school garden?  I am looking for a model to follow.

    Does anyone have a school garden?  I am looking for a model to follow.
    Liz Tinaglia
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